The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan

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The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan 5

The Humans over the centuries have assigned the greatest honour and dignity to the Defenders of Nation, the Armed Forces of the country. Having brought up in Rawalpindi Cantonment, observed that the people assigned great love and affection to the military men. The Almighty ALLAH blessed me to join Pakistan Naval Academy as Cadet in 1986 and the only objective associated with that mission was to serve the Country Pakistan with Pride to gain honour and dignity associated in serving the cause of defense of the country.

The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan 9

In our country, the military has imposed four martial laws and the people of Pakistan have mostly welcomed the interventions. The people of Pakistan have always appreciated the Armed Forces in their efforts to safe guard the territorial and ideological frontiers of the country. All these martial laws propped up their own favourites political leaders, who diligently acted to be power players and performed their acts happily. The game of throne in Pakistan has been muddied since the proverbial 9/11, onset of New World Order. It became even dirtier after the murder of Benazir Bhutto. However, the rise of Imran Khan was a particular divergent and it became too obvious with the beginning of the year 2022, while he was at the helms as Prime Minister.

The ingress, interventions and interferences of USA in the political chess game in Pakistan were profoundly introduced after the Murder of 1st Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan. It became a common saying that everything that goes around has the blessings of Army and America. However, the events taking place since early March 2022 in Pakistan has casted severe aspirations of Regime Change sponsored by USA. The debate got further heated up after the declaration of “Beggars are not choosers” by Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif. The events that took place on 9th April 2022, however, shifted the anger towards the “Establishment” i.e. GHQ fortifying US backed move. The social media went berserk cementing US Sponsored Regime Change facilitated by Establishment and Judiciary. Various segments of society stared propagating that sentiments have soared heavily against the Armed Forces.

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan, called for Public Support and he got tremendous historical responses “#امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور i.e complete rejection of the change of government”. He finally declared a March and sittings across the country as a protest on 25th May 2022. He himself led a procession from KPK towards Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. This was a perfect occasion to gauge public opinion about Armed Forces as the supporters of PTI, Imran Khan’s Party should have been more aggrieved people of Regime Change process.

So, after Sunset, went to gauge the situation through the thick of Twin Cities, Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Both the cities were gripping through day long tassel between law enforcement agencies and workers of PTI. The air had the uneasy smell and effects of tear gasses along with debris of stones pelted /w police and protesters spread on roads. All the tertiary roads adjoining Murree Road were blocked and unblocked. The PTI workers and supporters were roaming throughout the city. The bulk majority of the people were lined up throughout the Islamabad Highway, Srinagar Highway, overhead bridges crossings over these Highways and Areas adjacent and leading to Blue Area culminating at D-Chock.

The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan 10

This scriber roamed through the crowd wearing service medals and head gear of own service background. Perfect strangers approached and asked for selfie; met few Senior Veterans and some serving Young Officers being part of the crowd, also approached for selfie. One didn’t receive a single negative feedback, comment or views against the Armed Forces. However, few gentlemen very clearly had negative opinion about the role of COAS. The crowd was from local areas and also from far flung areas. One received very harmonious and affectionate response from many individuals for showing support by being part of the crowd there. Social Media reflected that many Armed Forces Veterans were part of the crowd. Here is one Vlog about such interaction… Click here…  It was observed and noted from the discussions between the people coming from outside Twin Cities that they were mentally prepared for a long haul commonly known as “Dharna”. It was also noted that the PTI leaders and activists were very charged up and were motivated to confront the LEAs. The constant hours of Tear Gas Shelling couldn’t deter the spirits of the party workers and supporters.

The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan 11

One felt that the Pride, honour and dignity associated with the Service of Armed Forces for the defense of Country is still harbored and respected by People of Pakistan. It was a gratifying experience to march along the People of Pakistan demanding Freedom from outside foreign interferences in matters of our National Political Process. The purpose of participation in the “#حقیقی_آزادی_مارچ” along the people was to draw strength that one carried while wearing the Uniform for serving for the cause of national defense. The march was against foreign interference in our National Politics for their nefarious designs. As a Naval Veteran, to show dislike and disapproval, considered taking part in the “#حقیقی_آزادی_مارچ” was mandatory and one did his duty and thankfully was not alone in the crowd.

May ALLAH help and protect us against all such influences and interventions and guide us to live hourable, respectable & prosperous life. Ameen.

The Country, the Armed Forces and the People of Pakistan 12

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