Australia alarmed over China's security ambitions in the South Pacific | DW News

Australia alarmed over China's security ambitions in the South Pacific | DW News

An attempt by China to secure a sweeping security and trade deal with ten South Pacific islands remains elusive.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was hoping to sign such a pact during a stop in Fiji, part of his diplomatic tour of the region. But Wang came away from a virtual meeting with his South Pacific counterparts without a deal. He urged them not to be too anxious about his country’s aims in the region and promised to clear the air.

But the lead up to that commitment saw a charm offensive to get the Pacific nations on board. One that set alarm bells ringing in Canberra, but also in some Pacific islands as well.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Chinese business is business. America business is war Eisenhower said it the best people should listen to that speech more than once similar to Farewell to Arms. The only thing we could export as missiles the difference is we just see what happened in Texas you think Texas wouldn't rush in in China will wait on the sidelines you believe that I got a bridge I could sell you here in Brooklyn

  2. Don’t let China get anywhere near your country! They only want to setup military bases and impose their communist rules. Stay independent your better off.

  3. This is China malicious plan for poor countries. I am warning from one of these countries that now Chinese boats and ships don't leave any fish in our shores, they don't obey any rules and regulations and fishing all endangered species. The country is under heavy debt to China and our rulers obeying all nonsense of China than their people. Escape Chinese trap before it is too late.

  4. Intelligent people understand Chinese strategies, 'Help in the short term simple minded people then take their land & resources when they can't pay'.

  5. Same as any super power throughout time. Acquire wealth via land acquisition, resource acquisition, wealth and power acquisition – by all and any means necessary….and so it will always be. War and destruction are unavoidable, so long as people exist….

  6. China government is a lier. Don’t trust China. China government broke agreement with British government on issue over Hong Kong. They took over Hong Kong before the agreement expired. Never trust China government. Don’t let your island leaders to sell out your land.

  7. It seems clear what China’s ambition in the South Pacific is. It is a multi-faucet strategy of economic and military purposes. It initially starts with infusion of capital, sweetheart loan deals, plum business partnerships and investment ventures, economic assistance, infrastructure development, cultural exchange programs etc… then China will develop a Freeport economic zone (that can be converted into a naval base) Of course this part of the Pacific is rich in natural resources. So I guess, nations in this part of the world would not mind Chinese maritime militias cruising their waters in the hundreds. I can imagine how Australia and New Zealand would really get pissed of this prospect.

  8. What are NATO security ambitions in Ukraine? Oh I get it it was Ukraine sovereign right to choose BUT Pacific Island countries don't have that right. Set Got it "Exceptionalism", Our explanations and reasons apply to all except us.

  9. this is so hilarious hypocritical. the west making exactly the same arguments as russia did with regards to nato and also threatening military action

  10. Pacific leaders need to wake up, you will sell your grandchildren to a life of debt, sure you may get golden promises but you will lose your freedom, look what is happening in Hongkong, please be very careful, a small prize covered in gold will dissolve with your tears

  11. If China invades Taiwan and succeeds, it will have little need for such security deals. China will probably just take all those island countries one by one all the way to Hawaii eventually. China just must be held back before it touches Taiwan.

  12. Simple answer….ask yourself this…China and Asia been around for thousand of years trade with each other and islanders….Europe come to Asia 1500…basically colonized all of Asia except Japan…even Thailand have to pay tribute to British even though they weren't colonized….China got plunder….India got plunder…and these are giants….of Asia…while they have not done any enslaving on the islanders of Asia….who make your ancestor into slave pacific islander….?…ask yourself that

  13. China behaving like its colonial masters and calling it progress, this is just divisive diplomacy. But, YES tell us what Australia is committed to in the region.

  14. A peaceful development one.
    I am assuming Germany was only born 3 days ago and only hear about China yesterday.
    It has no idea what China wants.

    Australia has always been treating pacific nations like their slave.
    European countries have been colonising and bombing these south pacific islands while draining their resources.

    So now when China is helping these south pacific nations develop Peacefully, the bandits are jumping up and down, throwing a tantrum.

  15. The Chinese should stop exporting their revolution, not spread their influence on others on how to live….only build business relationships.

  16. Shows how Scomo sucking up to Trump and his buddies has not done us any favours. We support our Pacific neighbours and want o be partners with them and help them where we can.

  17. Fiji will end up like Sri Lanka and Pakistan dealing with China. Xi is pro communist follower of Mao and has been brain washing their people to hate the West and have no desire to make peace with the world. They will dominate taking over their country after giving them loans that can't be paid back later like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Nuclear armed S Korea will neutralize China within 5 min.

  18. Us and Australia must sanctions these islands, send in cruise missiles and inspectors need acces to find weapons of mass destruction on these islands. Finally the US should go for a regime change to promote democracy, human rights and freedom just like they did in Iraq, lybia and Syria.
    Australia must recall those peaceful soldiers who so gallantly and humanly slit the throats of countless Afghan children as a dare.
    What better startgey could there be!

  19. The Chinese want the fish in the ocean and the minerals underneath.
    There will be a fleet of giant trawlers and warships to protect them.
    The fish will go, no more local fishing boats, they are already building ports and docks.

  20. Maybe Australia should have a reflection and ask itself as to why there are Australian surveillance planes flying tens of miles from Chinese coast. To me, it's just karma.

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