Germany: Coalition government, CDU agree €100 billion military boost | DW News

Germany: Coalition government, CDU agree €100 billion military boost | DW News

Germany’s coalition government and the conservative CDU/CSU alliance on Sunday agreed on the details of a €100 billion ($107 billion) boost to the country’s military spending.

After more than three hours of talks in Berlin, both sides finalized the plan to create a special fund for the armed forces.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht called it an “urgently needed step.” In a statement posted to Twitter, she said: “Finally, we can equip our troops as they deserve and as they urgently need to ensure national and alliance defense.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also called the special fund “a huge step” for the security of Germany and Europe. “With 100 billion, we ensure that the Bundeswehr can fulfill its defense mission better than ever before,” he wrote on Twitter.


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  1. That's almost as much as was spent in the last 2 years… As long as the waste of money is not stopped, the extra 100B won't help much. In addition, the money will not be spent all at once, but over a period of years. I wouldn't be surprised if the 100B will be used to achieve the 2% target over the next xy years. We are talking about the SPD… That's most likely just marketing. I don't believe anything they say until I see the results. This party has lied and betrayed its citizens too often.

  2. Russia should cut the gass for ones, then will see how they will fabricate weapons with solar panel energy, Dont allow them to become a big power may they want to take the world again lol

  3. Obviously great news Germany is starting to invest in its defense and to contribute more fairly, relative to the size of its economy, towards Nato. That said, a lot of these reports are glossing over the fact that they failed to agree to the Nato requirement (tho not enforced) of 2% of gdp spent on defense. €100 billion is a huge sum, but if Germany just goes back in the future to then spending under the 2%, it will have far less impact. The way it was presented when first announced weeks ago was €100 billion to quickly right the ship due to chronic under funding, then 2% to keep it functioning properly and fairly split the defense cost amongst Nato members- German news report(ers) often goes on about under funding because of historical mistakes which is a fair point, but the flip side to that is that German people have enjoyed peace partly due to the defense tax $€£ spent by its Allies. 100 billion is great in any currency, but it’s even more important that it meets 2% going forward

  4. About time the Deutsche Volk woke up to the fact that Putin, who never met his older brother and sister because they died in the siege of Leningrad, would murder them all if he had the chance.

  5. Most if this humongous amount of money will be use to build officer mesh and other additional welfare benefits for the military. It will only help to soften the German soldiers…

  6. The asymmetry of weapons puts Ukraine at a disadvantage. They should have some offensive weapons while they need defensive weapons. Asymmetric warfare will bring more losses, whether it is land or personnel.

  7. Germany has failed NATO for years and does not have a military that can resist Putin who has even taken Germany hostage with gas being used as extortion. Germany has totally failed NATO.

  8. So it's been more than a 1000 years since the last time Germany was invaded. Russia has the GDP of Texas. And you're going to spend 100 billion euros on defense. Your logic and math are bad

  9. Interesting how history shifts, 30 years ago some european countries would have been terrified after that announcement 😀 I'm still not entirely buying into it with Lambrecht as Verteidigungsministerin and our unefficient Beschaffungswesen in Koblenz. Before that rise we already had the 3rd highest military spending in Europe, we need much more than just the money.

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