Everything you need to know about Germany's €9 ticket for public transport | DW News

Everything you need to know about Germany's €9 ticket for public transport | DW News

In a bid to cushion rising fuel and living costs, German lawmakers have introduced a discounted nation-wide travel pass for June, July and August this year. Anyone, including non-German residents and tourists, can buy it. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

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  1. Wow. Ok. Lure them away from their cars, independence. Get 1000's of people to lose their jobs, because car manufacturers, sales people, mechanics, will have no business. What is next? People, listen up. They take away your guns, now they are taking your transport. Look at China. If you are not a decent citizen they flag you and you cannot travel

  2. A friend and I used the Regional Express yesterday, and the train was unbearably crowded. That could also have been because this is a holiday weekend.

    Something else I noticed when trying to plan trips in advance is that many trips that are only 3 – 6 hours can take 8 – 12 hours due to the number of connections.

  3. That, while sounding good at first, is a disaster in the making! Before, one would book a train and would reserve a seat and trains would know in advance how many people to expect so as not to make it crowded! Now it is whomever comes first! So instead of going on time, you might want to go an hour or so earlier to stand where the door would be to catch a seat!!
    A far better idea would have been a reduction of ticket prices, so the system would be maintained and people would be travelling at lower cost.
    The people who cam up with this idea, for sure, never use public transportation! They thought trains are like their limos, empty with beverages inside! 🙂

  4. Complete in disagree with this measure. If the price to go from Point A to Point B is 40 euros is 40 not 9. This is money from our taxes that is waste it in this populist decision from the government. Instead of spending the money on this… why don’t do more accesible train station for peoples with difficults or different capacities or for old people. This is problem of German they think that money grows in a tree … that’s why there is this rate of inflation. Unfortunately keep supporting populist governments and taking decision looking surveys and Germany will end worst than Argentina and Venezuela in the future. There are more important problems like inflation and invest in proper infrastructure. But well populist socialist people always end bad. Keep spending the money in a party that we are paying from our pockets.

  5. If the MTA can do this in New York for about 75-100 for unlimited monthly pass it would be a dream for using the Subway, LIRR, Metro North, JFK/EWR Airtrain, local and express buses, and even let the path train or NJ transit join the fun.

  6. While the policy is really nice, the trains are overcrowded, ppl can’t always get in, some people are left out on the platform, and people can’t even use it properly like some people push each other, no seats available so u have to stand for 3-6 hr, some drunk rude people with a beer on the train were so loud. It was chaos on Saturday.

  7. I did this mistake from Duisburg to Munich on 9 euro ticket, let me tell you it was just disaster, even on weekday ,i was just got sick and exhausted at the end of my trip , because 7 hours trip became 14 hrs to reach to destination, will i do this again never, only for short distances and surroundings yes ,