Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist on his country's decision to join NATO | DW News

Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist on his country's decision to join NATO | DW News

Sweden will continue talks with Turkey over the country’s NATO bid, Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist told DW in an exclusive interview. “Our ambition is to solve this problem.”

Hultqvist said his country’s turnabout on pursuing membership in NATO does not mean it is abandoning its status as a neutral peacemaker, but Russia’s war in Ukraine has “fundamentally” changed the situation in Europe.

Denmark goes to the polls on Wednesday in a referendum called to end a three-decade-long exemption from European Union clauses on defense and security.

The vote was called in March after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted a rethink of security policy in many European countries.

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  1. greetings from turkey,
    you support the terrorists at our southern borders which we are fighing since 20 years,
    apply sanctions,
    run an economic war,
    demonizing campaigns on media,
    and expect us to vote for you.

    you side with the 10.000 illiterate rapists who can kill anybody for 10 us$,
    against the turkey which is a country of 82 millions has the 9th strongest army in the world.

    for sweden and finland,
    having good relations with those terror organisations is,
    more important than having good relations with turkey.

  2. Turkey is found on the wrong side of history once more .. and as usual it will be very costly on the long term as NATO will not do what Turkey asks in the future.
    As this time Turkey is closer to Russia than to NATO and could be blcked from NATO,
    and Russia will be vary pleased to take control of the Bosporus Straights when Turkey is not a member of NATO.
    NATO is the USA, the EU and CANADA, Turkey is not able to go against such HUGE power both political and military.

  3. He couldn't even answer if he would send Swedish-Kurdish citizens to Turkey. In Sweden we call the Social Democrats "kappvändare", meaning they have no ideals and just follow the current climate. They are foul dogs that urinate on your vote.

  4. Turkey expect Sweden to send people to their death. Not many years ago Turkey was a safe place for uyghurs fleeing from death and work camps in China and Erdogan said China was making a genocide, after China started to invest some money in Turkey they started to send uyghurs to Tadjikistan to be sent back to death/workcamps.

  5. Turkey probably doesn't give a damn about Sweden and Finland harboring terrorists, what they want is the go ahead to be able to develop their own nuclear weapons,..and I can't say as I blame them.

  6. Sweden and Finland are scared of Russia, why ? Russia for the first time has attacked another country may be after Second World War. Who made this possible ? The answer all the world knows. In it’s history Russia has been on the defensive. The two countries are not a threat to Russia. This is the US machinations to subdue Russia so that it remains the only Superpower in the world and all Europeans have fallen in the trap. Why are Europeans not seeing this? It will not take a long time before US starts dictating to Europeans what to do. Now it’s called diplomacy.

  7. Russia invaded Goergia you didn't pushed to join Nato. Why now? Russia never threaten sweeden or finland. You now risk of Russian nukes pointed at your country. What a dumbo.

  8. Time for Russia to lay waste Finland and Sweden, these wannabe US vassal states will learn the hard way if they still insist on being a military arm of the imperialist regime in Washington.

    Russia must protect herself from the NATO threat coming to her borders. Putin will not allow NATO nuclear weapons to be stationed within Finland which is a few minutes of striking Moscow and St. Petersburg. Putin won't go easy on these Scandinavians. Russia will take the gloves off from the start and finish it fast!

    The lame Swedish need to keep in mind that Russia views Ukrainians as brothers with the same culture, beliefs, religion, etc. and that's the main reason the Russians have been fighting with kid gloves on in Ukraine. Russians are not destroying infrastructure such as bridges, roads, electricity, food storage, communications or water treatment plants.

    However, Sweden and Finland are different. These jokers will receive the full onslaught of Russia's power from day one. Imagine 2 million soldiers, 40,000 tanks coming towards you with a nonstop barrage of cannons firing and backed up by an Air Force of 15,000 Migs, Su-57 and lethal helicopters with thousands of missiles. They have lost this war before it has even begun, please understand that, do you guys have anyone in Scandinavia with a functioning brain that can actually think critically about what NATO means for you?

    Russia doesn't see Sweden or Finland as a threat right now because there is no NATO nuclear weapons stationed there. But if you were to join NATO then Russia will be forced to eliminate this military nuclear threat on her border or have their nuclear missiles pointed towards every city in Finland and Sweden. This is a disaster for them. Now, don't worry about getting nuked by Putin, Russia will not let you become a threat. Let's hope that Turkey's president saves Finland from becoming Russia's target practice.

  9. congratulations to the people of Denmark on their overwhelming majority vote to join the EU security alliance and increase its NATO participation… together the free and civilized world is sending a clear message that we can and will ensure evil is stopped in its tracks with no opportunity to inflict more suffering in Europe like it has in Ukraine

  10. Hungry and turkey better trend careful in their jockeying. If they get greedy I can see the more liberal NATO members just making a new treaty for NATO 2.0 among themselves and disband NATO and leave them to themselves.

  11. As a TURK.Finland welcome to NATO.we have not the problem finland.but sweden never.ıf russia attack the sweden.good luck to you.maybe YPG and PKK terrörist organization help the SWEDEN

  12. The defence minister of Sweden is one of the persons that has destroyed the Swedish defence to the point it will take decades to rebuild it. Sweden lacks 5 infantery brigades to defend itself for even a short time. They also lack defence batalions.

  13. They have to promise the Swedes that if Turkey blocks their accession, they will send the Kurds serious weapons in large quantities! Turkey should look after the interests of the alliance, not just blackmail it for its own petty gain!

  14. Finland and Sweden need to decide if their support for the PKK/YPG, a terrorist organization is worth putting their countries at risk. Turkey's concerns and demands are clear. Finland and Sweden should decide if their safety is more important than their support to terrorist organizations. Whether Turkey will or will not use its veto power depends on this decision, therefore it's in Sweden and Finland's hands to change Turkey's opinion.

  15. Erdogan is trying to use the Sweden/Finland NATO application for his own petty and dictatorial gain regarding the Kurds. Sweden and Finland can easily reciprocate by promising to block Turkey's EU application, primarily due to Erdogan's suppression of genuine democracy in Turkey.
    But, bottom line: The UK has already assured defensive support for Sweden during the no-brainer application process. If the other main nations (The US, Germany, France etc.) were to promise the same guarantees, Erdogan's shenanigans would be moot, anyway.
    While NATO is stuck in a rut regarding this issue, the EU is unlikely to tolerate dictatorial countries like Erdogan's Turkey and Orban's Hungary. The EU probably has no issue with the NATIONS of Turkey and Hungary, it's just the current regimes that have no future within an alliance like the EU and NATO.

  16. Complete list of 70 countries supplying military and/or humanitarian aid to Ukraine:
    NATO Countries
    United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia.

    The European Union (excluding those also in NATO, already mentioned above).
    Austria, Republic of Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Malta.

    For the first time in its history, the EU is financing the purchase and delivery of arms. 450 million euros provided so far to Kyiv alone.

    Other Countries
    Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, China – Red Cross, Colombia,
    Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Mongolia, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

  17. So after the Ukraine officially requested to join NATO, ignoring the warnings it would force Russia to attack, the best idea to reduce the risk of being attacked by Russia is asking to join NATO as well? seriously?
    all it would do is making them lose a lot of money to the US arms industry and increase the risk of war, not just by provoking russia, but to be forced to go to war whenever the US commands it.

  18. TFIglobal news, Europeans are not naive anymore. Not even to your skewed narratives of PutinZi's fight against NATO. 
    Go on being The Frustrated Indian for Modi!

  19. Watch your back Sweden and Finland. Several European countries would not pay their obligation to NATO. Remember EU poor leadership were cozy to the Russians. They bended over backwards to get Russian energy. Remember the EU are bullies.

  20. Coming from Denmark I am very happy to welcome Sweden and Finland in NATO. They belong with us – their Nordic neighbors – in the alliance

  21. Russian women have been recorded instructing their husbands and sons to Rape Ukraininan women and kill their children…. How vile a nation of people they are requires no further detail or discussion….

  22. If Turkey doenst like Sweden and Finland to strenghten nato alliance then perhaps Turkey should seek their luck some place else