War in Ukraine: Fighting continues in Sievierodonetsk | DW News

War in Ukraine: Fighting continues in Sievierodonetsk | DW News

In his nightly video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said brutal fighting continued in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, particularly around the city of Sievierodonetsk.

“The longer the war goes on, the more vile, shameful and cynical things Russia is forever inscribing in its history,” he added.

Zelenskyy went on to thank the United States for agreeing to send advanced rocket systems. “These weapons really can save the lives of our people and defend our land,” he said.

According to Zelenskyy, Ukraine expects to receive modern combat systems from other countries and noted that Sweden announced Thursday it was sending a new package of military assistance. Earlier this week, Germany also announced it would send additional weapons to Ukraine.

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  1. The Kremlin would like nothing more than all westerners to hate all Russians because that maintains status quo and their position…this is not the cold war anymore. Not all Russians are our enemy, but their kleptocratic leadership sure is! Anyone can help from their home! Create a profile on VK (Russia's equivalent of FB). Start adding people. Post legitimate links and articles from Reddit or YT. Start engaging the average Russian (there are PLENTY of Russians on VK that are willing to engage). Yes, you'll get flack from some, but A LOT are completely against the war. I've already made friends and hope that either they can visit me or I can visit them one day. The average person in the West needs to communicate with the average Russian, WAKE THEM UP! Their state media LIES to them and unfortunately a lot of them are apathetic or willfully blind and ignorant to reality. Engage the ones 'on the fence', don't waste your time with those that drink Putin's piss. Use google translate if you don't know cyrillic. Russia needs a regime change!

  2. Sanctions on russia should include: The world should ban russian language everywhere, no russian passports allowed, russian history erased, all russian assets seized, any trade with russians strictly prohibited, borders with russia closed – violating these rules would mean prison

  3. ถ้าสหรัฐ_ไม่มีนิวเคลียร์_ไม่มีกองทัพดี(กว่ารัสเซีย)_รัสเซีย_จะยึดรัฐอลาสก้า_ของสหรัฐ(กลับมาเป็นของรัสเซีย)_แน่นอน/_เพราะนิสัย/พฤติกรรมคนรัสเซียและชาติรัสเซีย_เหมือน_จีน_ที่ชอบยึดดินแดนของประ/_เทศอื่น_มารวมกับประเทศรัสเซียและจีน_(จีนยังยึดทะเลจีนใต้เพิ่ม)_อนาคต_จีน/รัสเซีย_ก็จะยึดขั้วโลกเหนือและใต้_และยึดดวงจันทร์_โดยการใช้สงครามนิวเคลียร์มาข่มขุ่(เหมือนที่ทำตอนนี้กับยุเครน_นาโต้_สหรัฐ)_ใครแสดงความกลัว_ความอ่อนแอก่อน_ก็จะแพ้_(เหมือนสหรัฐ|นาโต้_ที่แสดงออก)_การช่วยเหลืออาวุธแก่ยุเครนที่_ช้าไป/น้อยไป_อาวุธล้าสมัย(ไม่ก้าวหน้า)_ก็คือความพ่ายแพ้(เหมือนสหรัฐ/นาโต้_ทำ)__ยิ่งสหรัฐ/นาโต้_แสดงความอ่อนแอ/ความกลัว_รัสเซีย_ก็จะยิ่งชอบ/ยิ่งบุก/_เรื่องอะไรจะเกิด_ก็ต้องเกิด_เมื่อโลกนี้ยังมี_โจร/ซาตาน(ประเทศรัสเซีย/จีน)/จิตวิญญาณเผด็จการฮิตเลอร์_(ผุ้นำรัสเซีย/จีน_และสภา(ผุ้แทนประชาชน)_ของรัสเซีย/จีน)

  4. Russia has NOT scaled back its ambitions. It is willing to try smaller steps while it generates more financial and military strength while destroying Ukraine's economic and political future.

  5. I don’t believe their will be a long “War of Attrition.”A “War of Attrition” that escalates to most of the EU & UK will be both Swift & Devastating because Russia will use its modernized hypersonic Nuclear Tactical & Strategic Nuclear Weapons without any realistic prospect that the U.S. will retaliate with its Reagan Era Nuclear Arsenal in a Nuclear exchange of Mutual Destruction with Russia. Europe will have no Value as a Military Allie as soon as its destroyed by Russia. The U.S. has no problem abandoning its Allies once their usefulness has ended.

  6. 15%ukrainians lived before the war?? So there is a divide beetwen ukranians and (russian) ukrainians born in ua? Reporting on donbas from kiev, where do reporters get the info from. All life matter and untill we(humans) don't understand that there is no end. Praying for all human lifes! War must stop.

  7. Today I have a story for you children, how Biden and Jonson wanted the get rid of Putin so they thrown Ukrainians under the bus. This will be written in history books.

  8. If Russia is only allowetd to attack and attacked to itself, it will go on and on. Attack Russia and not worry about ww3 the world are also full of nuclear arms. If Russia is not scared nuclear arms, why are we should be scared.

  9. Your words is contradicting your statement, you said Russia can never achieve or win this war,, and now you said Ukraine is getting more worst

  10. Here, here!! ! Words wonderfully spoken!!! The Ukrainian forces are rhe best!!! Keep up the Glorious work against the Evil,Brutal, Rapist, Russian Horde. Give those hideously,
    sinister, sexual deviouts the sharp edge of the Righteous Sword of Military Justice

  11. Ukraine soldiers should keep pulling back until the heavy weapons arrive. If the heavy long range weapons do not come then they should just give up. Dead men can't fight. The EU's loss as Russia keeps coming closer.

  12. Why aren’t “volunteers” from the West going into Ukraine to help? Are Biden and the Europeans too dumb to see the consequences of a Russian victory? Now is the moment for action. Even Ukrainian women may have to help. If the Russians win in the south, they will only be encouraged to conquer all of the country.

  13. Russian bots be liike surender Zelensky forcing you to destruction as if those atrocities already commited isn't what going to happen if they do ..Appeasement led to this war .

  14. Yes that security analyst starting at 9:16 very much told the truth on how it's going even better than most " journalists ' . Much better overview not alarmist over the war unlike many in the sensationalistic news Slava Ukraini