Uvalde's Matthew McConaughey calls for stricter gun control | DW News

Uvalde's Matthew McConaughey calls for stricter gun control | DW News

Actor Matthew McConaughey met with President Joe Biden and delivered an emotional speech about the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, during the White House press briefing on Tuesday. “Can both sides rise above? Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand, and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?” McConaughey said. “We’ve got a chance right now to reach for, and to grasp, a higher ground, above our political affiliations.”

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  1. I think the gun control is so out of control that you wouldn't just be able to cut it, it would probably take time to start seeing big change. However, I think part of the problem is because it became out of control that people starting fearing their life's and so it became even more out of control and would make it even harder to get it back under control. Its not impossible, but it definitely wouldn't change over night.

  2. Stephan is so wishy wash and beaucratic in process without even having any point.
    What can you say?
    It's disbelief from global views and who is taking any responsibility for the existing illogical policy

  3. There won’t be a change until these political parties are banned from government position. If political parties are banned I think civilization would be more advance than today. Like the guy said. The more important stuff for change won’t happen because of people. Children life’s are not important for the political parties and the government. That’s how bad US is. It was never great nor will it ever be.

  4. He can talk whatever he is from Texas and specifically his states politicians in GOP do not really cares what same Hollywood actor have to say .

  5. Great to see you taking a stand and sending a formal message from the podium, Matthew McConaughey. Know you don't want to go that path (rejection of the call, several times), but neither did Queen Elizabeth. Sometimes it's just a destiny that must be fulfilled. Acceptance of the call is nigh (fingers crossed).

  6. Make a change, Do something. Nothing Matthew said at the White House will make any difference! Taking guns from law abiding citizens WILL NOT HELP! IT DOES NOTHING EXCEPT EMPOWER CRIMINALS! You want to protect children? Then why is it more secure at the airport, courthouse, police station? Make teachers carry sidearms and be tactically qualified twice a year. Make all EXTERRIOR doors fire doors, capable of being opened only from the inside without a key. Give keys given to police, EMTs, and firemen. Put two armed guards at the only open entrance with a metal detector and x-ray machine, just like the courthouse. Ever here of a mass shooting at a police station? Let's get serious, DO SOMETHING REAL! DO SOMETHING THAT REALLY WORKS!

  7. All the existing Red Flag laws are "guilty until proven innocent" with no due process. As such they are the egregious as they violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th amendments. I don't understand why they have not been challenged in states that have adopted them. Sorry but our system is not compatible with the movie Minority Report.

  8. Let's see celebrities and politicians without armed security around them 24/7, having to deal with hundreds to thousands of strangers everyday from potentially anywhere in the world. Their drama would stop quickly

  9. In the ensuing days, Chicago, based on its murder rate, likely had more killings than occurred in the above mentioned incident and little, if any, concern is expressed about it. The state Chicago is in has relatively strict gun control laws. Bad guys are going to get guns. Or other weapons if they can't. I don't know why other more effective weapons that offer a likelihood of repeating a mass murders aren't used.