The West must 'relearn the idea of deterrence' – Interview with Wolfgang Ischinger | DW News

The West must 'relearn the idea of deterrence' - Interview with Wolfgang Ischinger | DW News

With the war in Ukraine now beyond the 100-day mark, some Western capitals are pressing harder for peace talks to bring the fighting to an end. In Europe, unity over Ukraine has passed its peak with divergence over the supply of weapons. What will it take to bring the fighting to an end? What are the pathways to peace? DW speaks to Wolfgang Ischinger, one of Germany’s most seasoned diplomats.


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  1. Did she just say you've got Germany, France, Italy without including Britain as "Big power", the UK is the only competent military power in Europe and has been for decades, most power Navy and best trained military in Europe easterly. The only real military powers worth talking about are the UK and France. And at the start most of the war, most of the weapons came from the UK. France have done but cower..

    Germany is a joke. Hopefully we will stop protecting Europe and its people – Remove ourselves from any defence pacts with such Nordic countries or NATO. You people can pay for it.

  2. Russia is miserably losing! ))) This is perfectly shown in the changed rhetoric of the US and the EU. Some 4 months ago ceding territory and even neutrality was absolutely out of the question and the issue of the Crimea was the reason for the non-stop sanctions on Russia. Now, that Russia completely crushed and lost the war – look how it all suddenly changed. "Evacuate" your rhethorics on "ukraIn", hypocrites

  3. To make a comparison between WW1 and what is happening now, is completely invalid.
    Germany at a minimum, should provide what it promised, wich it doesnt do. This man knows very well its not a small matter.
    Putin doesnt give a damn about what western politicians say to him. The only way to put presureon him, is to provide Ukrane the weapons they need.

  4. It is a big mistake to understime the Kremlin's hability to kill hundreds of thousands of their own to get all of Ukraine. Russia will not stop unless it has lost its military hability to do so

  5. so a victory of the Russians over the entire Donbass and the whole of Eastern Ukraine is considered not much of a win as per Mr. Wolfgang, oh great thanks for letting the Russians know your expectations and that they should go beyond, dont worry Mr. wolfgang the special military operation is not over.

  6. Lol……this interview is in shambles…..what was he saying? He is all over the place……Is he playing the violin for peace or the bugle for war ? Ukraine is suffering and its President must act decisively and quickly for his people. Furthermore, Russia is very different from the USSR……information flow all over the world has become so tainted, journalism as be hijacked and sold to the highest bidders. Most of these educational journalists need blinkers to represent the truth in our world. What to believe, I really dont know. Peace must prevail and that a fact. Any country that wins this war, God is on their side. " One love…one heart…..yuh hear hear the children crying ". Bob Marley. "One a fool leans up against his own misunderstanding". Bob Marley again.

  7. This was pathetic!

    The idea that it's a stalemate between two evenly matched sides is a blatant untruth.

    Ukraine will lose militarily, that's basically unavoidable.

    The bigger question is how to save the Petro-dollar and German industry.

  8. Putin is the one to decide to stop the war because Putin started the war , 1/ his reason why he put the war because of Ukraine abuse Russian citizens there for he will teach Ukraine a lessons so he called Oppression over Ukraine but instead he created war over Ukraine so he is to be blamed he is to stop the war . He is not to blamed NATO .

  9. The war in Ukraine is a grinder of economic corporation,military capacities,diplomatic ties,food security,world peace,global unity and corporation and religious coersiveness.Trying to isolate Russia is attempting to divide the world into two pockets.The west this time around will form a giant monster which will be more powerful than the Soviet union.

  10. Y wen the mother of lies invade these country's no other nation does step in n tel america stop or sanction america.tje mother of lies does do the most evil on the face of this earth n other countries turn a blind eye to it.