Why India & the West are wary of each other | India's geopolitical dilemma 3/3 | DW Analysis

Why India & the West are wary of each other | India's geopolitical dilemma 3/3 | DW Analysis

With the threat from China mounting, and Russia in the grip of war, India needs friends – and the democracies of the West are the obvious candidates. But this relationship is complicated – overshadowed by the legacy of colonialism, suspicions of Western double standards, and concerns in the West that the India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is losing its commitment to liberal democratic values.

In the third and final part of “India’s Choice,” a special series on the geopolitical dilemmas facing India, DW’s Richard Walker explains how the West is trying to recruit India for a democratic pushback against authoritarian China – and why there are lingering doubts on both sides about how close the relationship can get.

Featuring interviews with Jay Panda, Vice President of India’s ruling BJP, Shashi Tharoor of the opposition Congress, Hartosh Singh Bal of The Caravan Magazine, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Tobias Lindner, Minister of State in the German Foreign Office, Lisa Curtis, former Senior Director, US National Security Council, and Garima Mohan of the German Marshall Fund.

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  1. DW cleverly showed demolition first and then riots as if demolition resulted riots. Correct version is demolition was done against rioters. This extreme leftist who show as true journalist. They were doing same thing when so called secular govt was in power.

  2. Human nature will never change, rich and more powerful will always bully the weaker and the poor. Looking at the direction the world is going it’s pretty clear the evil is winning over the good.

  3. I think India will be keenly interested in a military alliance and strong international sanction when Chinese PLA forces are pouring into Arunachal/Pradesh, just like Norway, Belgium and Netherlands joined Allies just as Wehrmacht was overrunning their territories.

    I think Sweden and Finland understand that neutrality means little when the aggressor is fully intent. I hope India’s hesitation doesn’t result in irreversible loss (of territory or even sovereignty) or cost of others helping India prohibitively costly.


  5. Dont give them technology.
    They have shown that Russia is closer even after Putins assault on Ukraine.
    And they are not interested in an alliance.
    So there is no reason what so ever to give India anything.

  6. No one should insist on how to be, however everyone and country should be able to accept constructive criticism. If India provides criticisms to either the US and China, both should accept that criticisms if it was informative and meant given in a respectful manner. And vice versa. Everyone judges everyone and every country judges every other. India has been independent for 75 years. Being independent means making your own decisions but also not letting the past keep you from doing what is best for the present and the future. If India lets it past weigh it down, them it is not truly independent in its mindset.

  7. Europe thinks its problems are world problems & the world problems are their local problems, not Europe's problems. This hypocrisy of the West won't work anymore!

  8. West wants to impose their worldview on india want india to become vassal state but do we really trust them given the bad history and colonial mindset of these nation. We must maintain our autonomy.

  9. zubair is not a journalist

    We also have similar concerns with respect to Assange and Elina Lipp case.

    And Germany should practise first then preach is all that I have to say.

  10. we don't care about the democracy index, press freedom index, lavda-lahsun index that you distribute to us like certificates. Keep these rankings to yourselves and insert them in your backside.

  11. What about west supporting pakistan in creation of taliban to fight with russia.
    Now terrorism is a threat to india not to west.
    People have lost theor lives and genocides have happened towwards 1 particular community. Why silence on that.
    India is under threat from pakistan and china.
    Stop lecturing India we are suffering the threats. Give our money back which was looted. So many cromea have been commites by west in the past what about that.

  12. Interesting! Critical Western military technology limitations on the weapons acquisition by Indian military purchases, must also be imposed on any Indian military equipment bought by western entities eg. Radars, submarine upgrades. This is mutual military respect.

  13. People must be dumb if they cannot see that india is a friend of the USA based on freedom and democracy. USA is nobody’s friend. You can bet your bottom dollar they will sanction india when they don’t play ball.

  14. no foreign news report on India is complete without maligning and defaming the country based on partial and biased opinions. All the government ended was the appeasement politics played on the basis of 'Gandhian secularism' by the congress party. And if you snatch a candy from a kid, the kid will of course cry

  15. I always find it amusing how Countries like Germany, European nations self certify themselves as "liberal democracies" even though Hindus cant use the swastika in Germany or EU is run by unelected appointed bureaucrats who have not even received a single vote in their lives!
    Most Europeans dont even have a right to refuse vaccinations or fundamental guarantees to religion or trial by jury.

  16. "democracies have shared interests that cannot be shared with non democracies". The authoritarian policies of the ccp are in direct conflict with democratic values, a war between both ends is inevitable.

  17. Mr.DW… please stop spreading this false narrative of communal hatred..India is far more secular and democratic then any other country. And Minorities particularly the one reported in this video are most well taken care off (appeased)

  18. Why do west think they are in position to advise india on any internal conflicts. We have problems india never said anything like we don't have.but being a English speaking world which west uses to present how a bad country n crimes look like..as example… Hindu majority islamophobic…. etc… I ask them to come live here for 5-10 years n decide how their life here and then speak. Nothing more.

  19. I liked the 1st and 2nd part but when I watched this part i was like "so much misinterpretation of information". There was also demolition of Hindu's properties but no they had to poke religion in it. Disappointed.

  20. The comment that 'India is going the Russia and china way' is totally irrelevant. Becoming self-reliant is not the path to communism or autocracy and in this episode DW basically said India isn't fit to be friends with the west and they turned this episode into somewhat like India is on an anti-mulsim mission, their past episodes were ok but this one is clearly based on agendas.

  21. To be very honest citizenship amendment act (CAA)is something presented not rightly neither in this report nor in other western report.
    CAA would had been relevant for any western country if it had borders with a country like pakistan Afghanistan

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