Ukraine says civilians under fire in Sievierodonetsk chemical plant | DW News

Ukraine says civilians under fire in Sievierodonetsk chemical plant | DW News

The Azot chemical plant, where hundreds of civilians from the embattled town of Sievierodonetsk have sought refuge, has come …


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Well when Russia staying there high-precision weapons or hitting their targets that means they're just blowing every damn thing up cuz there's no Precision to anything they're dumb except killer men gluttonous told 250 billion dollars from the Russian people and if participated in the death of thousands upon thousands of innocent ukrainians and Russians he's got to go

  2. Why is Ukraine keeping civilians in a chemical plant? Is this Ukraines version of the showers, like Germany 70 years ago? Chemical plant does not sound like sanctuary for children?

  3. The city is lost stop this drama how hard is it to accept the truth..the only way they bit Russia is by ambushing their tanks in the open Russia is fighting. From a distance javelins have become useless due to range ..just wait

  4. Shame on both France and Germany for doing almost sweet FA. All of YOU should be ashamed. France CURRENTLY buying EVEN MORE oil from Putin and Shitz blocking other NATO members supplying heavy arms. Once this is done and dusted I hope that both nations are chucked out of NATO. The Baltic nations should stand firm with the UKUSA and forget the 'yellow bellies' and form a new alliance. Clearly France and Germany are incapable of doing anything, their utopia is a socialist EU where both are in charge. Its NOT working boys.

  5. And what if the West just wants the war to end and therefore we shouldnt be providing Ukraine with more weapons. If this war carries on stagnation will hit us hard, daily life with surging prices will become a torment…how will we pay the bill for all these weapons plus the fear mongering of Zelensky related to Putin attacking a Nato country is total BS meant to trigger us into supporting Ukraine

  6. congratulation to Ukranie…don't give up, never, until one Ukranian men lives…don't give up don't give up…hold down Putin…garbage ..please don't give fit and fit.

  7. Friendship with NATO is an instant suicide and self-destruction. NATO, a multinational crisis entrepreneur financed by Western state terrorists should be terminated for humanity in our planet.

  8. God Bless you dr Ehisuan on YouTube keep on the good work you have been doing and thanks also for curing me off this disease you are truly a God sent towards humanity I appreciate you sir dr Ehisuan

  9. Same as marupold , they got surrounded , pounded by Russians and the Ukrainian government is going to let them get kill and on the end they will surrender. The story of the great Ukrainian offensive is starting to crumble

  10. Entire world got war intimation in the mid of Dec2021 last year. And war started around 3rd week of Feb2022. Zelenskyy is NOT capable to evacuate poor civilians from war zone. It's been 6months, Zelenskyy is ruthless instead of evacuating poor civilians from war zone, he risked their life by giving weapons to them involving them in fight. No true leader will do like this.

    Zelenskyy is more keen on asking weapons and to continue war rather than evacuating innocent civilians. Being a commedian & actor, he plays with innocent peoples emotions.

    War between soldiers are common…why innocent civilians to be kept in war zone? Using as a human shield? Doesn't he know If civilians are handed weapons, they would also be ended up treating like other soldiers who are carrying weapons during war.

    Even for a sudden natural catastrophe, every country will take precaution to save civilians. I wonder why Zelenskyy is keeping civilians in war zone. It is unacceptable.

  11. USA fault for all of this. We , in the Middle East , learned the hard way. When the US is involved , our average person lives life in misery.

  12. All male civilian population between 18-60 fighting from their own apartment turned barrack are Ukrainian army. Who among them is the military spokesperson. Lol…..May peace prevail in the conflict zone.

  13. Whoever controls the energy, controls the world. The west is a fool to play the war of attrition with Russia.The West has placed a Gordion knot around its throat and its attempts to remove it will only result in it cutting its own throat.

    Where there is a will there is a way and when there is no way, the Russians will resort to a response far beyond what the West expects.

    Russia like a grand chess master is prepared for every twist and turn.The sanctions are now backfiring and Europe,UK and USA are going hungry and most countries will shiver in the dark starting this fall

    Europe can't feed itself yet they are willing to spend billions in dumping arms and all manner of criminality into a non- NATO country on Russia's boarder while continuing to beg Russia for cheap food and energy.

  14. Ukranians, learn this before more blood is shed. You sleep with Western whores you wake up with bleeding rectums. Putin is playing chess and the collective western countries are still looking for a deck of cards with a pencil.