Best Film on Newton's Third Law. Ever.

Best Film on Newton's Third Law. Ever.

There is a gravitational force of attraction between the Earth and the moon, but is it mutual? That is, are the forces on the Earth and the moon equal? Most people would say no, the Earth exerts a greater force of attraction because it is larger and has more mass. This is a situation in which Newton’s Third Law is relevant. Newton’s Third Law says that for every force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force. So the force the Earth exerts on the moon must be exactly equal and opposite the force the moon exerts on the Earth. But how can that be – that the same size force keeps the moon orbiting, but barely affects the Earth? The answer is inertia – the tendency for all objects with mass to maintain their state of motion. Since the Earth has much more mass than the moon, it has greater inertia and therefore experiences much less acceleration for the same amount of force.

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Newton's Third Law

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  1. I understand why people don't always 100% understand this stuff but, to me at least it just makes sense and is really obvious, I don't know why I understand this stuff so easily as I really did struggle in school and didn't take science as an option and i didn't do 6th form but I always seem to fully understand what is being said in these videos

  2. Sir I have one doubt.
    A car is moving with a uniform velocity and hits two bodies- first a light mass and then a heavier one.
    Will the force exerted on the bodies by the car be same?

  3. Light can break Newton's third law:

    Wimmer, M., Regensburger, A., Bersch, C. et al. Optical diametric drive acceleration through action–reaction symmetry breaking. Nature Phys 9, 780–784 (2013). DOI: 10.1038/NPHYS2777

  4. je kaulo moeder ik snapte deze kak onzin effe niet en gelijk schijt ik in m’n broek bij natuurkunde… sir you make me mad this is not the best video but still thankyou for taking your time to make this but i am very mad so grrr

  5. If we compare the gravitational pull to a string that connects the earth and the moon, of course the string undergoes the same pulling force on both directions along the string. The effect the earth and the moon have on each other is what changes due to mass and momentum (cause they're moving)

  6. well I still dont get it but given that I remember using GMm/R^2 for both the moon and earth when getting net gravitational force makes it slightly convincing