What's behind the UK's deportation deal with Rwanda? | DW News

What's behind the UK's deportation deal with Rwanda? | DW News

The British government insists it will carry on with its plan to send unwanted asylum seekers to Rwanda despite widespread criticism. The UK wants to prevent migrants from coming to its shores through unauthorized routes, so it’s threatening any such potential arrivals that they’ll be expelled to Rwanda. In return, Rwanda is getting 150 million dollars and a chance to promote itself as a hospitable haven.
Rwanda is offering asylum seekers up to 5 years stay with access to education and support. Human rights groups say the UK is shunning its responsibility to grant protection to asylum seekers, sending them to a country with a questionable human rights record.

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  1. Spies ! Especially If Their Not Of Sub Sahara African Nations Decent In Origins ! Their Afraid They Don't Have Enough Peoples To Report Back To Them Of Military Equipment Movement *

  2. Just the mere act of sneezing near any African countries is a human rights abuse. If you can't send an African back to another African country without it being a "human rights abuse" you are freely admitting the whole continent is an uncivilized cesspool. Thus every single person there is entitled to asylum. It's another pathetic attempt at open borders. Why not let the UK reconquer all of Africa then? These NGOs really live in some twisted paradox. The most efficient way really is to take over the whole continent, but of course that is yet another "human rights abuse".

  3. The Rwanda plan is the best thing Boris has ever done since he started government! The prince doesn't know that because he lives in a bubble full of luxuries while the regular British people are the ones sufferings the consequences of the illegal immigration!!!

  4. Britain IS a Sovereign National Territory. Stop interfering in British internal affairs. All we hear is “I want this…. I want I want I want”. What about the British Public? Do we have wants and needs also or do we get ignored as always?

  5. This means directly human trafficking because nobody can be transferred against their will to other countries!! A sovereign country can refuse people to enter illegally but they cannot send people to other countries against their will!!

  6. I think this policy can be improved, one way is to provide alternative destinations eg Australia. There are countries in need of the human resource and could benefit from such a policy

  7. The government is sitting on a report on what happened in Rotherham and Rochdale and other major cities in the UK. It knows the profiles of the types of me. Who committed crimes against young vulnerable girls. This report needs to be released now.

  8. The problem is not Rwanda .. The problem is with this asylum seekers who are obsessed with Europe countries to most African citizens this is considered as an achievement..

  9. so many Rwanadese are in need of decent housing and scholarships, it would be interesting to know what the money can do for the country.

  10. You got to think about it….
    There might be a chance Africans can rule England… Their desperate throwing money at this thing… Somethings not right. DECLINE THE AGREEMENT!!!

  11. The illegal people from France without a passport should be considered French illegal immigrants and simply put back on the next ferry back to France unless they can prove otherwise with proper identification. They come across from France and should be returned to France.

  12. The BBC News has an article on this issue today, interviewing people who were sent to Rwanda by Israel fifteen years ago, boasting that they are "now in Europe anyway." They are not in Israel!

  13. Honestly britts how dare you? Learn about colonialism and neocolonialism and look straight into the African people and tell them that your multicorparations stole their land and economy but they aren't allowed to have a better live outside of their country

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