Macron loses absolute majority in French parliament | DW News

Macron loses absolute majority in French parliament | DW News

In France President Emmanuel Macron’s alliance has lost an absolute majority in parliamentary elections, according to early estimates.
Projections started coming after the polls closed. As counting continues across the country, early results show Macron’s allies still emerging as the biggest party in the new national assembly. But without the needed absolute majority of 289 seats the French President is expected to face challenges in pushing his reform agenda forward. His main rivals – a new left-wing alliance led by Jean-Luc Melenchon fell short of 200 seats, according to early estimates.


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  1. C'était une bonne situation pour le président français Macron dans une situation difficile. Les responsabilités ne seront pas assumées seules, mais seront partagées avec les partis d'opposition et le peuple. Vous devez suivre les paroles et les ordres du Prophète Lee, serviteur de Dieu, dans l'action. C'est le seul moyen et la seule façon de vivre. Vous devez suivre les paroles justes de la loi de Dieu.

    Es war eine gute Situation für den französischen Präsidenten Macron in einer schwierigen Situation. Die Verantwortung wird nicht allein getragen, sondern wird mit den Oppositionsparteien und dem Volk geteilt.Sie ​​müssen den Worten und Anweisungen des Propheten Lee, des Dieners Gottes, in Aktion folgen. Es ist der einzige Weg und die einzige Art zu leben. Sie müssen den gerechten Worten des Gesetzes Gottes folgen.

    Era una buona situazione per il presidente francese Macron in una situazione difficile. Le responsabilità non saranno assunte da sole, ma saranno condivise con i partiti di opposizione e il popolo Devi seguire le parole e gli ordini del Profeta Lee, servo di Dio, in azione. È l'unico modo e l'unico modo di vivere. Devi seguire le giuste parole della legge di Dio.

    어러운 상황과 시국에 프랑스 대통령 마크롱에게는 좋은 상황이 된 것이다. 책임을 혼자 가지는 것이 아니라 야당들과 국민들 같이 나누어 가지는 것이 될 것이다, 신의 종이신 프로펫 이 님의 말씀과 명령들을 행동으로 따라야만 한다. 오로지 그것이 유일한 방법이며 살 수가 있는 단 하나의 방법이다. 신의 율법의 의로운 말씀대로 따라야만 한다.

  2. Macron loses parliamentary support, Johnson has half his own party wanting him to resign, Scholtz looking shaky leading a fragile coalition, Biden looking at a wipe-out in the Mid Terms…remind me again, the sanctions were supposed to remove Putin from power, or remove the opponents of Putin from power?

  3. Stating that Macron is a leftist, along with the lefts in all parts of the world is just ridiculous. The left is dead, there is just far right and far liberism and they both meet as soon as liberists can use the other. People of the world are never represented and we are just ants to their eyes. They just keep tricking us. Still I am enjoying watching a piece of…such as Macron falling. The point is that the one after him won't be better.

  4. Left and right in the classic sense no longer exists. Just look at the Labour Party today (totally demolished inside) or the Democrats (more war mongering and controlling than ever). M. Le Pen who is clearly fascist uses left methods and wins over people who traditionally tend to the left.

  5. …EU Russia sanctions are doing its job….lol..who is next…and the next..UK?…
    Germany?..Italy?…they all will have to go through this…regime change time…lol

  6. The national front is still a really small minority. These elections revealed that the greatest challenge to macron isn’t the far right, but the far left. The national front is only absorbing the old voters that used to vote for republicans. The republicans lost seats in this election while the national front gained. More than 70% of the votes went to other parties that aren’t the national front or the republicans.