Peace talks in Ethiopia: Tensions remain high in Tigray region | DW News

Peace talks in Ethiopia: Tensions remain high in Tigray region | DW News

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has opened the door to the possibility of having peace talks with the rebel movement from the country’s Tigray region. Tensions remain high after both pro-government groups and the Tigrayans accused each other of carrying out atrocities. One scene of violence has been Abaala – a town on the regional border between Tigray and Afar. DW Correspondent Mariel Müller went there and has this exclusive report.


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  1. The UN asked an American, an Ethiopian, and a China man for their opinion on the global food shortage.
    None of them understood the question;
    The American asked what is a shortage.
    The Ethiopian asked what is food.
    The China man asked what is a opinion.

  2. Only war story I’ve ever cried from came from this conflict. I’m an American and couldn’t imagine dealing with the things folk there deal with. It’s so sad.

  3. Of course, no peace. Some time ago, a ceasefire was agreed because of Ramadan, but it was broken by both sides only hours after the agreement. Maybe the situation will only become better when the international community finally wakes up to the reality of there being other wars in the world than in Ukraine.

  4. Of course they haven't left the region. Abala is on the border with Tigray and was majority ethnically Tigrayan before the Ethiopian government went in and massacred the civilians.

  5. Why didn't you enter Tigray?????????? And asked the people there who massared Civilians in Abala, insted giving Abiy Regime Propoganda and why are Women&Children in Concentration Camps??????

  6. They are brutal killers. The Afar people paid the hefty price for being Ethiopians they were punished by both the tplf and the federal government. While the IC cheered on the TPLF.

  7. Independent investigations to hold all sides accountable for any atrocities. Lets not forget the Afar regional government supported Abiys war on Tigray in addition to blocking aid trucks as well as detain Tigrinya civilians. We will NOT allow the media to demonize Tigrinya people.

  8. But what did the afari force do to the Tigray people before that? This is the way exaggerated reports. Historically, the TPLF army never committed such destruction , more investigation is needed and you must ask the TPLF first.

  9. TPLF does not want peace. They have created enemies from all sides, with Afar, Amhara, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. They’ve to ask themselves if they are the problem.

  10. TPLF sacrificed 300,000 of its youth for this senseless war just to regain power. Now Tigreans escaping Tigray tell the harrowing experience of the people under TPLF. There is no way Ethiopians want to see brutal TPLF back in power. It can still be leader of Tigray as region or independent country if the people want to. It should stop terrorising the innocent people of Amhara, Afar and Eritrea.

  11. I hope a film or book is written about the brutal rein of TPLF in the last 30 years and it’s human rights abuses and crime against humanity are second to none.

  12. What is it in our make-up that that encourages us to love one- another, yet at the same time we do our best to kill each other for no better reason than you look different, you have other ideals etc.

  13. The TPLF are terrorizing not only their neighbors but their own citizens. Abiy Ahmed needs to be removed from power if he can’t deal with terrorists in his own country. TPLF is nothing more than thugs that go around looting and raping.

  14. The common enemy to all the atrocities, massacres, and genocide in the country is the Ethiopia Prime Munster Abiy Ahmad Ali and his allies. He need to resign and brought to justice.

  15. Stop feeding lies you’re not helping anyone by telling lies. In the progress the only people who are going to be heart is the Innocent civilians.

  16. This tragedy makes white people rascist and more ignorant of Africa. Especially Itheopia. Why would Tigray spell in English???? Somethings not adding up.