Ethiopia: a border town ravaged by the Tigray conflict | DW News

Ethiopia: a border town ravaged by the Tigray conflict | DW News

In December 2021, Tigrayan fighters loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked Abala, a border town between Tigray and Afar. The place embodies the Tigray conflict like no other. Residents who used to be neighbors now accuse each other of committing massacres.

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DW News

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  1. The worst thing that happened to Ethiopia is being allowed to let each ethnic group creat their regional government. There is always greedy and power hungry leaders that will manipulate the regular citizens to gain power & control. These regional & ethics leaders send their kids to the top elite schools in Europe and America while they manipulate & give guns to local village people and creat war. Most of the Ethiopian rebel leaders that got all these ethics group fighting each other live a life of Luxury in the west protected by wester power.

  2. One of the most ancient country in the world will be erased from history because it’s ethnic groups/ tribes think they can all have their own country!!! So ashamed & tired of my people constant effort to erase my country from the history books because of ego, pride and greed!!!!

  3. Under the auspices of the lying media, the communication of evil, you are liars Two years of people being murdered and starving in northern Ethiopia. Blowing liars of the evil elites. The white man, who wants to steal Ethiopia. Does not attach importance to a donkey doll named Abbey Ahmad (Apilan is not the head of the snake maybe a little small scales).

  4. All of what happened in the Horn of Africa in terms of excesses of war and war situation needs to be understood and accepted as expression of our collective societal cruelty and stupidity and we should think of moving on as one region. There is no need to apologize from either side. All the wars and conflicts that happened in our region, or even worse than them, had happened in other parts of the world as well. What helped other societies and nations to move on was never an inventory of apologies but the realization of saving their future from their past instead of sacrificing the former for the latter. Just loook at Europe after WWII.


  5. Afar raped and killed tigrayan over 500 and arrest 2,000 innocent civilians. If that wasn't enough they attack south tigray with Ethiopia army and then tdf attacked back push them out and took control strategic place to protect tigray border. Afar can go and cry all they like tigray was fighting Ethiopia army, fano and eritera not afar soldiers. Afar chose to join. Blame afar for bad decisions they chose to make.

  6. I wish you reported the truth with the sources from TDF as well. It truly saddens me to hear this report representing the TDF. Over a year ago, TDF told the ASF (Afar Regional Special Forces) that “even if they fire at TDF, TDF won’t fire back because they are brothers” and to not take sides. The Abiy admin took advantage of it and sent both Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers with the Afar Regional Forces uniform. They killed 230 Tigrayan people in Abala in a sing day. They also started to be destructive in many ways including the regional admin Awol Arba promising “not a single bread shall pass!” during a tv interview. Anil also sent his own soldiers and Fano and became part of the destruction campaign. It was when TDF, after many many warnings, swooped in. We didn’t hear any atrocities or rape news until weeks after TDF left that area and Federal Admin started to get into the city. We don’t know what happened or what they did. Suddenly, weeks after TDF routed out the Red Sea military and the Fano. Now this?! Really sad and didn’t expect it from DW that claims fair and balance.

  7. The massacre that was happened in Oromiyaa region was committed by Abiy ahmad government. Right now Abiy ahmad is sending the extremest group(terrorist Amhara groups) to Oromiyaa.
    Abiy ahmad is the Enemy of Oromo people. He should be Stopped Right Now. He’s preparing for war in Oromiyaa. Life is already hard in Oromiyaa We don’t want WAR!!!
    Please STOP Abiy ahmad from killing Oromo people ASAP!!!!!!

  8. Abiy ahmad is uneducated, doesn’t know how to lead the country. He only listens to what people tell him to do. And is surrounded by Criminals. Since he’s in the office thousands have been jailed and killed. He’s No good for Ethiopia. He Must Go!!!!!

  9. I thought TPL was gone and but still fighting. Where is the factory of Abiy Ahmed that he will take over the entire Tegray region

  10. DW never told the truth about what is happening in Ethiopia. TPLF is a terrorist organisation and for the very first time DW show what TPLF did to innocent people.

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