Can the West still tip the balance in Ukraine's favor? | Conflict Zone

Can the West still tip the balance in Ukraine's favor? | Conflict Zone

Russia and Ukraine are taking heavy casualties in the Donbas. But has Ukraine already lost the East?

Our guest this week believes that is likely the case. Ian Bremmer is a political scientist and founder of the Eurasia Group.

Can the West still tip the balance in Ukraine’s favor? Will rapid delivery of heavy weapons still affect the outcome of the fighting in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine? Or is it too little too late?

All that – and more – on Conflict Zone, this week with DW’s Biresh Banerjee.

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Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Sarah Kelly are face to face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.


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  1. Despite Russia winning their reduced objectives, they are far far away from enforcing their demands. If Ukraine won't surrender (and I doubt they will) Russia can't just stop the war and take all of Donbas. The war is turning into an attritional one and economic embargo/aid is the way to win that war.

  2. the European elite are against Russia but not the European people, and when America sees Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and London reduced to ashes do you think they will come to Europe rescue? Moscow may disappear but so will NY, CA, Virginia and Washington, America will file ro a cease fire immediately.

  3. I wish YouTube would include a Date when Items like this are posted. This is an ongoing Story which can shift in Hours so knowing when it was posted is important to obtain an accurate impression of what is happening.

  4. The death toll is heavy – what untold grief we humans wreak upon each other – for some fictitious idea of glory on the battlefield. The people going through it realise very quickly that there is no glory, only pain, suffering and absolute horror. Why do we humans do this to our fellow humans?

  5. senseless conflict that never should have been allowed to escalate. US, UK and Canada with insider assistance by Poland and Baltic countries went ahead with these decade long provocations that eventually made a new leadership in Ukraine press a long with it. There was no choice but to launch an operation and here we are. Very expensive conflict on so many levels and the bill is being paid by all sorts of countries but not Ukraine and despite their massive amount of wealth among an elite group of Citizens, often living overseas. stop the deliveries og weapons and money. stop the conflict. Ukraine and Russia needs peace and Europe needs to bring these two proud nations together not create even more hostilities and hatred.

  6. Don’t reduce the conflict in Ukraine to them and Russia. Ukraine is the victim of the ideological war the United States is pushing against Russia. So US is at least as much guilty for this conflict as is russia. america still lives in this dream world that they think they can rule the world as they might think it’s the right way. It’s amazing to see how ignorant they are. They simply still don’t realize that the world since 1990 has changed massively. They underestimated the political and economic development on the Eurasian landmass, including Russia, Iran, India and China. The us is still pushing constantly their political and military agenda around the globe. Not seeing that they are running into walls.

  7. Russia may declare victory very soon. But the issue is will Ukraine accept defeat.? My guess is "No" Ukraine' will not accept defeat. Ukranians will only agree to end the war on their own terms.

  8. I wish people would stop talking about Russias goals only being Luhansk and Donetsk. If that were the case they wouldnt be renewing their attack on Kharkiv, which is neither in Luhansk or Donetsk. And also are holding Kherson, what do they need this for? It provides Russia nothing in the way of Luhansk or Donetsk or the Crimean Land Bridge.

  9. Germany and France could give ebough wepaons alone to help Ukraine to push russia out but they wont. They want russia to slaughter Ukrainians and it is damn obvious

  10. Why these kind of conversations.. They are purely speculative and therefore not very intwresting in the end!! All opinions from people.. Only GOD knows how this will end… And if Ukrain will lose their territory at the borders of Russia..

  11. DW is big on promoting russia. It does so in the guise of compassion and objectivity. russia in its various guises has been trying to eliminate ukraine for Three Centuries. Speaking in terms of weeks and months is idiotic The west needs to step up ! At least rise to the level of being an embarrassment to humanity… Done’s ‘the west’ even understand that concept anymore ?

  12. $40 billion that included millions in pork, that was going to unions! ! Trump never delayed anything since it was not even the fiscal year yet, that the aid had been authorized

  13. Very twisted suggestions for ending the war . Why should Putin give up Russian speaking territory ? Very distorted blame on Putin when it was West which rebuffed Minsk Agreement

  14. No matter what you send, Russia can see and easily and simply destroy them. Wastage of resources. Russia will win this weather you like it or not. Imagine of they pushed with the same force towards Kieve. There would be no Zelensky as of now. Russia is taking the rich lands. The first attack was to try capture the capital but at the same time distract forces in the east. Unpredictability is what makes Russia wins. Not even CIA knows what they are doing.