3 Types of Leaders | Motivation by Shaykh Atif Ahmed | Al-Midrar Institute

This is a motivational session by Shaykh Atif Ahmed about 3 Types of Leaders found in this world. One of the major issues Pakistan is facing nowadays is riots and restlessness and the reasons for these issues is a lack of knowledge and 2nd is that we have elected those people who are show pieces and have no dignity in them and we have left those who are knowledgeable and deserving. And this is a sign of Qimayah that people will leave knowledge and knowledgeable. These are the 3 types of leaders,

1. Benefits himself and gives benefits to others with his knowledge.
2. Doesn’t take any benefit but gives benefits to others with his knowledge.
3. Neither take benefit nor provide any benefit to others with his knowledge.

These are types of leaders and they should be used according to the situation. Only an expert can decipher and solve a solution and no one else can come close to his solution just like that we need men who understand the system to run the system.

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