Czech Republic calls nuclear energy a 'priority' as it assumes EU Council Presidency | DW Business

Czech Republic calls nuclear energy a 'priority' as it assumes EU Council Presidency | DW Business

Nuclear power is getting more support on the EU-level as the Czech Republic assumes the EU Council Presidency. Leaders there say pushing up support for atomic energy is a priority. While countries like Germany, Denmark and Austria are saying goodbye to it, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland (and also France) are focusing on expanding their nuclear energy.

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  1. Never seen a fair report by DW (or German media in general) about nuclear energy. It is always very biased at best and disinformation at worst. DW always pretends like renewables are an alternative to nuclear, not telling you that renewables need another source of constant energy. I believe it has something to do with the German plan to become Europes gas hub for Russian gas. For this plan and Nord Stream 2 Germany betrayed Ukraine and European values. I guess they still plan to open Nord Stream 2 in a few years when the dust has settled on Ukraine. Germany is blocking the only solution for climate change in order to buy fossil fuels from the Russian dictatorship. Shameful!

  2. It shows how irrational the German politicians are to prioritize exiting nuclear over coal as in the 2 areas mentioned, coal is worse. Safety: Pollution from coal power kills a lot of people, orders of magnitude more than nuclear ever did (yes, including all accidents and their long term consequences). Waste storage: CO2 is not stored semi-safely underground where it could potentially maybe cause local environmental damage, instead it is released in the atmosphere, causing guaranteed global environmental damage.

    But a few newsworthy events stick more than a constant stream of deaths. Which at least gives me hope for the future, as more climate-related events happen, people start to perceive it more in that way, maybe that leads to more action.

  3. Nice interview with an intellectually dishonest character telling many factoids about nuclear energy that have been refuted for decades.

  4. You reap what you sow.
    This obsession with "green" energy, which doesn't exist anyway, has distracted countries from really pushing for new nuclear technologies like fusion and SMRs.
    Btw, the spent fuel can be recycled.
    Just look at France.

  5. "The nuclear power plant has never met western safety standards" – this is BS. The State Office for Nuclear Safety is a respected institution and the plants & their ops are reviewed by IAEA. Although there were some unscheduled shutdowns, it's common for all plants. The current French shutdowns seem to be much worse for instance. Nuclear power is statistically the safest and least environmentally intense per energy unit. Btw. I'm also a big fan of renewables. 🙂

  6. I'm super pro nuclear, but I don't agree entirely about building more in the past. Only modern reactors we can build now are truly safe. We should build lots now, not last decade or the decade before.

  7. Ask this question again this winter, when Germans and Central Europeans are freezing in their apartments and have their energy bill tripled, you will get a much clearer answer.

  8. A new environmental study in France arrives at the conclusion that french nuclear power is about 3.7 g of co2/kWh. Try to catch that with your brown coal Germany!

  9. Safety was never a concern. Nuclear is among the safest form of energies. Anyone can ask their favorite search engine with "what is the safest form of energy" and find out.

    Also, nuclear fuel reprocessing exists and successfully recovers 96% of the mass of a spent fuel element. Germany banned reprocessing in 2002 which started the waste problem in the first place.

    Still, the total mass of the spent fuel in Germany according to BGE is just 20.000 tons. Compare that to the 3.2 million tons of the high-toxic chemical waste that is currently stored in Herfa-Neurode.

  10. Renewables are only cheaper if you ignore the fact that they need a fossil backup.

    In France, one kWh of electricity costs 18 Cents, in Germany the price for new utility contracts is already at 50 Cents per kWh.

  11. The fact that nuclear has been added to the green taxonomy is the result of extensive scientific research.

    See: "Technical assessment of nuclear energy with respect to the ‘do no significant harm’ criteria of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (‘Taxonomy Regulation’)".

  12. The Germans have always lied. Europe was to be powered by gas supplied from Russia and sold by Germany. Now they are crying that industrial production is expensive for them. It is expensive because they have liquidated cheap energy from the atom and they still want to ban the atom. Shame on the whole world.

  13. Germans should push their government to keep nuclear running and not result to coal!!
    Just how many more energy mistakes are they going to make!! For one they should listen to other western partners

  14. German populus needs to voice themselves. ATM German politicians might be lead to believe the citizens are scared of nuclear energy, while they are under pressure of Russian lobby to make the largest economy in EU dependent on their fossil fuels. This can be seen an escape strategy for Russia and Germans gladly play along. Please wake up German's, please… come back to your senses.

  15. The woman says wind and solar is green compared to nuclear? They are not, huge amounts of toxic chemicals are used in the manufacture of a processing raw materials for solar panels and wind turbines. All energy sources are somewhat dangerous to the environment, we just need to learn to balance the impact and nuclear at least does not have any surface impact.

  16. Nuclear is the only reliable clean energy that is currently available until renewable energy like wind solar and geothermal become more reliable the only way forward is nuclear if we want to salvage the environmental impact and still keep the lights on I believe that renewable energy is still 30-50 years away from being rock solid reliable and powerful enough to fuel the world economy entirely so nuclear will have to fuel the gap the only alternative is coal oil and gas turbine

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