Ukraine war: Zelenskyy praises Western artillery | DW News

Ukraine war: Zelenskyy praises Western artillery | DW News

Civilian evacuations are underway in Ukraine’s Donetsk region – with Russia stepping up its attacks since claiming full control of neighboring Luhansk.

The city of Slovyansk has become a main target for shelling, but towns across Ukraine’s east are being bombarded. Missiles struck Kharkiv on Wednesday, destroying a university. Ukrainian forces have dug in with new defensive lines – and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Western-supplied weapons were finally making a difference on the battlefield.


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  1. The best idea is that Russia goes home, leaves Ukraine to rebuild and starts to repair its severely damaged reputation on a global scale. No-one will ever trust Putin again so he must be removed and replaced by a normal thinking human being who will be compatible with humanity. This path could bring Russia back within 10 years otherwise guys you are heading back to the USSR boys!

  2. "What are Russia's strategic goals?"
    Very straightforward. Keep Germany afraid until they have all the funding they require to take everything they want.

  3. Mike Martin, "specialist" he thinks only troops killed needs to be replaced of teh Russian army, why does he just use the numbers killed and say a number that is way lower than what other say? Injuried is laso about 3-5 times the number of dead. just a joke that guy

  4. I jumped through this too fast & got lots of bods complaining they can't vacation at the seaside, some bloke talking about HIMARS missiles, some bloke showing a map, and I completely missed the footage of President Zelenskyy praising Western artillery. I'm useless at this video watching skill.

  5. For all they've expended and lost, the Russians haven't accomplished squat. If we supply the Ukrainians like we should, they'll push them back just as far as they want to.

  6. The western allies should provide Ukraine with weapon systems that can strike all sites in Russia. Who said Russia gets to dictate that their criminal war only takes place in Ukrainian territory? Every military and military industrial site in Russia is a legitimate target. So is the Kremlin. If this isn't true, the US and its allies should never have bombed Germany or Japan in WWII.

    The west, while doing more than nothing, didn't do near enough nor fast enough. Had the west enabled Ukraine to punch Putin in the face – hard – and really bloody him/Russian severely as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine the Ukrainians may have been able to hurt Putin so much that he would have recalculated his actions. But now the weakness of the west has emboldened Putin and proven to him that he can dictate terms on how the war is fought to the west. The west looks like sniveling cowards to Putin.

    It is not too late though, but the west must enable Ukraine to take the war to Russian with such violence that the Russian troops buckle. Inflict enough suffering on Putin that he realizes the west won't let him run over Ukraine and the western allies.

    It must be severe, not immoral like Putin, but devastatingly brutal.

  7. Ukraine is now using only NATO quality artillery. M1 tanks from the US have NOT YET been introduced. Also, US aircraft have not been introduced also. These 2 weapons systems are designed to go on the offensive.

  8. Ukraine wasn't granted the privilege to use the systems' long range capability. 450km range is blatantly false information. The rocket systems given to Ukraine are limited.

  9. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan learned, it's much easier to conquer a city but terribly difficult to occupy it. As long as the West keeps supplying arms to Ukraine the Russians will never secure anything..

  10. I feel the pain with Odessa!
    There is no business for Odessa escorts anymore.
    It's horable! It's impossible to chill on the beach anymore.
    Send more arms and kill more people!
    Odessa needs to go for a swim immediately!
    Putin is obviously an evil! Not like a democratic, god like West.

  11. You got a faulty "military analyst".
    Himars can shoot 450miles !?
    That is wrong ! A) that distance means hitting Moscow b) president Biden does not deliver long range amunition (meaning 100+ miles) only medium range (45+ miles)

    Hope, you did not pay him or have him on contract !
    His other statements are prety "scary" as well.

  12. Why is the US and Nato tying one of Ukraine's hands? Giving them limited range artillery and even denying them MIGs or Sukhoi aircraft from Poland. In order to win the war swiftly Ukraine has to annexe Russian and/or Belarussian land. Then when it comes to peace talks Ukraine and Russia/Belarus can swop territory. Use the excuses used by Putin. Protect Ukrainian speaking people living across the border from Ukraine. They are being discriminated against by Russians/Belarussians. De-fascistify those regions and liberate it from fascist governors. Belarus is allowing Russia to use it's land in war effort. Whether its allowing long range artillery shelling from Belarus or resupplying arms /munitions of war or troops. There should be a a 40 mile DMZ between between Russia/Belarus and Ukraine

  13. After these atrocities are ended and the Ukrainian citizens can get back to leading normal, peaceful lives within their (hopefully unchanged !!) borders, I'll start planning a vacation to Odessa.
    Seems like a beautiful city with nice beaches

  14. Wow Ukraine is doing really good, and Biden's help with weapons better than Russian weapons making Ukraine do well. Yes I remember NATO Game changer Weapons changing the direction of the War. Also good to hear how Russians are so weak, now we know how things are really going. Well thank you for such decisive, descriptive Non opinionated report.

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