Ukraine war: Is Russian defeat nothing but a 'fantasy'? | DW News

Ukraine war: Is Russian defeat nothing but a 'fantasy'? | DW News

Is the Ukrainian military now ready to strike back against the Russians? Five months into this war and the momentum appears to be with Russian forces. Less than two weeks ago they captured half of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region – and attacks on the other half have increased ever since.

Ukraine has vowed not to cede another inch of territory to Russia. At the same time Ukraine appears to be preparing to launch an offensive in the South. Holding the line in the East and pushing back the Russians down south. Is Ukraine now equipped with Western weapons to follow through. According to Kyiv, we will soon find out.


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  1. Crimea could be the key. Ukraine must get enough weapons to reconquer the peninsula and then use this card to negotiate. Peace or we take back Crimea.

  2. time is now before any escalation should end .it is a shame to see all kind of misery and destruction in ukrain and watching, their president claiming that he could liberate every inch of his land .ukrain lost stop it

  3. Ukrainian people know what fate is in store for them if russia doesn't get curbstomped. Genocide is on the table, would you stand for that happening to your own people? Most wouldn't even stand for it happening to other groups.

  4. Putin will nuke Kiev and the major cities of Ukraine to save millons of lives in the same manner as Truman chose. Their will be no Ukraine as NATO sealed thier demise with false promises of an alliance with NATO membership.

  5. For public opinion there are clear and pure about who indeed to do a missle hit. Dead bodyes don't produce a choice for public to set a enemy. 1:15 granny lives under such outstanding propoganda. She imagine that russians came for striking her personell apartments that was look so much threatened that military wasted time to broke it. There are a saddly income for ukrainian leaders. More civil facilities destroyed means large amount of west values will came and get for be devided to corrupting persons. Look back, Ukraine is a top corrupted european country. Amount of civil victims would to provoce be more west nations support. Russians think practical not devastation for ukraines

  6. In the 1980s and 90s we and the rest of the west all joined forces to stop Iran from disrupting the world's oil supply. Today Russia is hindering the world's food supplier. Why not provide escort to Ukrainian flagged ships or contract western flagged ships to move the cargo. Putin is already mad at the world for interference in his plan of bringing back the USSR. And he needs to understand the world will not tolerate it's return

  7. Compromise is something both sides hate. In my eyes it is: A fully western Ukraine, protected by Nato and the EU, but having lost some of its territory.

  8. I said, war, huh (good God, y'all)
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing, just say it again
    War (whoa), huh (oh Lord)
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing, listen to me
    It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker
    (War) Friend only to The Undertaker
    Oh, war it's an enemy to all mankind
    The thought of war blows my mind
    War has caused unrest
    Within the younger generation
    Induction then destruction
    Who wants to die?

    -Edwin Starr

  9. Ahh, I see the rot goes very deep indeed in Germany. Nice to see how eager they are to give away someone else’s country for cheap natural gas.

    As for the good professor, what was the price of your soul?

  10. anyone’s guess but right now peace talks/negotiations are unlikely and when they do commence, as hopefully they must, how will we ever be able to trust Putin?

  11. History will treat west with disdain as they led the people of hapless nation down the primrose path just to retain their world hegemony! Shame!

  12. Diplomats often get flak for "talk only, no action". Little do people realise that "talk only" is often the whole point when "action" will cause so much misery

  13. Critics said Ukraine would lose within the first month of the war. Ukraine still lives and the courage and determination of its citizens will be remembered for years to come.

  14. Russia is using grain as a hostage to blackmail the world to stop the Ukraine war. It is a waste of time to negotiate with the the Russian leadership since they will break any agreement as long as it gets what they want. Unfortunately US, NATO and EU will not be blackmailed to capitulate in Ukraine no matter how painful. To resolve this situation Russian needs to be completely defeated and driven back to their own borders. Ukraine must be accepted to NATO and EU to be the front line to defend Europe. as soon as possible. NATO should supply Ukraine fully and completely as if they are in NATO. Ukraine needs massive amounts of weapons to take offensive on multiple fronts to push the Russians back to their original border. This will take a lot of political will power but it must be done to ensure safety of future generations peaceful life. Food, energy and war is Russia's weapons of mass destruction. Putin is KGB and needs a good trouncing to get the point to never invade another country again.

  15. If Ukraine lets the oil and gas from Russia pass Through to Europe, Nato will give some free exta weapons to Ukraine. We all win!! Keep bombing your own country.

  16. Russia doesn't want US close to him. Finland and others close to Russia are allowing US troops. Haha but they don't know that US wants them to be attacked so Russia can take over them too. Finland wants Russia to attack him. That is why Finland allowed US troops to be in there land so Russia can get angry and attack them too.

  17. Ukraine can't afford to accept that the eastern regions now belong to Russia, especially in an official negotiation. If they do, they're sending the message that Russia can just massacre their people and claim some more land every few years.

  18. What is your definition of defeat? They have created their own Vietnam, with massive personnel losses and a Russian economic depression. Russia will never come out on top. They will either leave Ukraine or be frozen out of the global economy until they reform and leave. In the coming years, Europe will stop using all of Russia's oil and gas. Technology sharing and restrictions will become more prevalent. For the next 20 years or so, no international companies will do business in Russia. They set fire to airlines, large corporations such as McDonald's, and others by seizing their assets. Putin has won if his goal was to isolate Russia and destroy its economy.

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