Ukraine fears Belarus could become new frontline as border sees troop and weapons build-up | DW News

Ukraine fears Belarus could become new frontline as border sees troop and weapons build-up | DW News

Ukraine’s border with Belarus is seeing a troubling military build-up. Western intelligence agencies say Russian soldiers and weapons systems are ready and waiting in Belarus to open a new front against Ukraine — something that would stretch Kyiv’s forces considerably. DW’s Nick Connolly went to the border region near Chernihiv to see for himself.

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  1. „Expert on Belarus and Russia” …in who’s interest? Which history did that person study? The one written by the winners? Such claims like any country wanting to join a war have to be checked and confirmed by secret service, well organised infiltration…and you are showing an “expert”…maybe a few more “experts” and public opinion will be convinced that Belarus will join that war?
    I strongly doubt it that Belarus will join that war. But I do not doubt that the west would love to provoke Belarus and then overthrow its government. The west can take advantage of the whole situation and provoke Belarus. Ukraine might want to provoke Belarus as well, also taking advantage of the situation, military supplies etc. There are multiple scenarios which can be playing out right now. War is an opportunity for many. Including Belarus …but it is a very weak country with a very small population. Attack on Ukraine would be suicidal in many aspects.

  2. NATO needs to send Belarus a message, saying if they enter the war in Ukraine, we will attack Belarus and see that as an act if war. Same Russia threatened us if we enter the war. Threaten Belarus so that they will not enter, and will leave Ukraine alone

  3. I mean… There was information leak from Kiev that Ukraine should attack Belarus first. Ofcourse they will mass troops on borders now.

  4. Belarus and Russian soldiers should be fighting for they're own Freedom , turning on their own governments to overthrow Communism and the repression they are put under. It Russians only knew what FREEDOM WAS they would turn on their own governing bodies and overthrow Communism. Unfortunately it's all they know

  5. Rusia no a resivido agrecion de ninguna parte sin embargo el asecino de Putin a mandado tropas y a agredido otras republicas el es el único responsable de la muerte de tantos civiles son tantos los muertos que tiene sobre su espalda desde que comenzó su carrera de asecino con la KGB que solo arrancándole la cabeza es que puede llegar la tranquilidad a esa zona y pagar por todos esos crímenes olvídense de las falsas organizaciones del tribunal penal internacional que solo funcionó contra Pinochet pero contra las dictaduras de izquierda y todos sus crímenes y este tal Putin este tribunal penal no existe los años de complicidad hablan por sí mismos de ahí que estos terrorista de estado hacen y deshacen con los pueblos lo que les da la gana con gran impunidad y complicidad con estas falsas organizaciones

  6. If they do join on the Russian behalf then its only right for other countries to join the fight on Ukraines behalf , we can't let countries gang up on Ukraine and watch on the sidelines

  7. So when Belarus's President started to say that they do not like war, he is just talking about the polls in his country when they are in fact stepping up the drills near the Ukraine boarder?

  8. Putin is out of order. He's never been right. So, did he drop "RAS" from the front of his last name when he was a child, or was it done by his parents to remove the ridicule? Well, he might as well add it back. It won't detract from his "weirdness'. He IS very weird. Even for a Russian.

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