Ukraine strikes ammunition depot in Kherson area in campaign to drive back Russian forces | DW News

Ukraine strikes ammunition depot in Kherson area in campaign to drive back Russian forces | DW News

Kyiv launched artillery barragesthat destroyed a Russian arms depot in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region, Ukrainian military officials said.

Officials said that Ukraine carried out a “special operation” to free military captives in the region, which is under Russian control.

The strikes destroyed artillery, armored vehicles and a “warehouse with ammunition in the town of Nova Kakhovka, the officials said.

Russian-backed authorities in the occupied Kherson region accused Ukrainian forces of damaging civilian infrastructure and killing at least seven people.

“Warehouses were hit, as were shops, a pharmacy, petrol stations and even a church,” the head of Moscow’s civilian-military administration in the Kherson region, Vladimir Leontiev, said on Telegram.

The deputy head of the Russian-backed administration in Kherson, Ekaterina Gubareva, said Kyiv had used US-supplied long-range, precision artillery systems in the strikes on Nova Kakhovka.

“The occupiers have already felt very well what modern artillery is and they will not have a safe rear anywhere on our land,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his evening address, referring to heavy weaponry supplied by the West.


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  1. If only the West would give enough weapons to push the front back to Russia border. Instead we give just enough to give them hope and to wear out Russia so they don’t take Estonia etc.

  2. Russia loves to hit civilian apartment buildings, don't they? why can't Ukraine launch something all the way to Moscow a calculated strike of course. even if the weapons were bought by Ukraine?

  3. Nunca dejen de abastecer a ucrania de armamentos xq si rusia se sale con las suyas en ucrania todos los demas paises estan en peligro acuerpen a ucrania hasta con miciles con ojivas nucleares si es es nesesario

  4. Rusia a estado socabando el ordenconstigucional de hase muchos años hay armamento regado de manufactura sobietica de hase mucho y esto tiene q pararse cae rusia y caeran todos los gobiernos totalitarios del mundo

  5. Have to remember that Russians has moved more than 1,6 million Ukrainian people to Russia, about 400 000 are children. They are adopting those children to Russian families and adults are send to specific camps…

  6. ロシアの傀儡兵は、犬を食べながらなんて、鬼畜です。牢屋に打ち込まれるのは、プーチンとかロシア政府、傀儡兵だと思います.お題目を唱えていても、コメント入れてても、涙が出て.プーチンを梗塞して貰いたい!?って思います。    『妙法蓮華経並開結』

  7. I just hope all of this news is true. If Russia or Ukraine don't show what's the reality as much it's a war strategy. I understand what is that from my experience…

  8. Russia started the senseless war,you will never win this one, looked back the Vietnam war and Afghan war also it was senseless too,both countries are not a threat to the world,just the way of lifestyles,Putin you worried too much relaxes send the troops home.

  9. We have been listening for last five months that Ukraine is winning and taking ground, then We hear that Russia has taken such and cities or towns, then We hear Ukrainian counter offensive after two days DW give up talking about that offensive, we have been listening about "game changer" wonder weapons" one after another but nothing could change the outcome of the war., al last we started to draw our own conclusions, independent from your narratives, that Ukraine is losing its territory and its soldiers on daily basis then you start talking about Russians losses to cover up Ukrainian defeats, everyone knows that when you go for a war there is certainly a loss of your own fighting forces it is obvious that both belligerent suffer losses. Crying like an old widow is of no avail.

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