Watch live: British PM Boris Johnson questioned in parliament | DW News

Watch live: British PM Boris Johnson questioned in parliament | DW News

Boris Johnson is set to face MPs in Parliament for the first PMQs since he announced his resignation as prime minister. Johnson formally resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on July 7 but said he would stay as prime minister at Downing Street until a successor is chosen. A new prime minister will be announced on September 5 after MPs return to Westminster from their summer break, with recess starting on July 21.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. “Bring the popcorn”
    Putin, lavrov and other russian leaders sitting down to watch this.

    On second thought! I don’t even think have time for this! They’re to busy making logistical, calculated decisions that will benefit Russia now and in the long run

  2. Most UK, AU and Canadian MP's seem like average people with an average age of 40-50. Yeah some loons there as well. The U.S house is filled with senile old men and women with a smattering of unhinged millennials detached from reality.

  3. Europeans are known to be smart, but why do they wear America's NATO cuffs around their necks? Why do they have to be ordered by the US to economically and militarily lag behind the US?

    Documents on world history. The three Baltic states and southern Ukraine were tsarist territories during the 100 years of the Russo-Turkish war.

    While many countries are halfway around the world, they do not do anything harmful to the US, but why does the US create conflicts, slander to invade them? Why doesn't the EU scream and steal money from the US?

    Looking at the British getting out of the EU, looking at the UKR war, how will the EURO depreciate compared to the dollar?

    Why don't they let Russia join so that the EU can form the greatest nation of all time?

  4. It’s funny how many years we’ve been on earth and people STILL haven’t figured out how to govern people or create a well-functioning society…none of these topics are new or unknown. They talk about equality yet they’re each against each other.

  5. Ukrainian gvt is demanding more help – Ukraine gvt has been getting weapons and cash help of $5 billion USD monthly.

    Ukrainian finance minister today said that they now need a $9 Billion USD per monthly and more addition weapons and ammo.

    UK is giving cash £1 billion pounds monthly to Ukraine gvt. US is the largest cash donor $2.8 billion USD

    will Biden help – as US is giving most of this cash to Ukraine administration on top of $50 billion already committed. ?

    I sure hope US can do more ? Ukraine is beacon of democracy !!

  6. This is hilariously entertaining. Boris is a clown and it's good he's going. Now they just need to get the Conservative Party out of power.

  7. 50% of their words said are just rubbish ("ice cream"?, "whiskey"? laugh laugh laugh….) and 49% of the time are just noises, and 1% of the time are some meaningless unimpactful sentences. Truly the country loss of time paying the most elite of the country to attend the parliament. Grateful that I am not paying my tax there.

  8. As chaotic as this looks, being loud and open collectively, while getting things done, are far better than being incompetent in an well-organized manner, like here in Japan.

    Here, each and every one of congress or senate member has their backup dudes (like 3 for each. It’s ridiculous) who write up their boss’s statements to whisper what to say from behind —— as well as any spontaneous comeback remark they have to make. It’s like seeing a parliament full of toddlers on TV every time. Such a shameful place to be from.

  9. Tech is destroying the globe and not making it better children are suffering in silence. Leadership is being destroyed by terrible tech leaders that cannot lead

  10. Wow, this is brutal, far more interesting than US congress and senate meetings. I don't think this would work in the US, we'd take things too far.

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