Can artificial intelligence become sentient, or smarter than we are – and then what? | Techtopia

Can artificial intelligence become sentient, or smarter than we are - and then what? | Techtopia

They call it the holy grail of artificial intelligence research: Building a computer as smart as we are. Some say it could help eradicate poverty and create a more equal society – while others warn that it could become a threat to our very existence. But how far are we from reaching such “artificial general intelligence”? And what happens if machines, at some point, outsmart us?

In this episode of Techtopia, DW Chief Technology Correspondent Janosch Delcker takes a deep dive into the world of AI, meeting a scientist on the quest for human-level intelligence, and digging into the questions awaiting us as humanity inches closer to AGI.

0:00 Intro
0:39 What to expect
1:18 The Iceland case
3:19 What is “AI”?
5:10: The long history of AI
7:17 The ups and downs of AI
8:12 How close is today’s AI to human-level intelligence?
11:54 What if machines become smarter than we are?
13:30 What will AI look like?
15:45 The ethics of artificial intelligence
19:13 How far are we from reaching human-level AI?
20:43 The power of Big Tech
21:23 The Iceland case conclusion
21:52 Outro


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  1. Hello I would love to speak to Linda she seems really nice someone that can talk to forever I think she'd feel the same way we'd be together we talk and share things that be nice I hope to meet her someday or maybe I have already or she's listening to me to hear or speak to me would be very nice just to me?

  2. For what I hear..the arguments of this scientist ( geek)are poor in understand human condition …if they want to create a human they need to understand first what is human. Oh what make you human .Meaning humans go beyond circuits.What make a human ? rationality , is the capacity to remember on relate experience through the senses.senses confirm experience in humans.Rationality without senses is what artificial intelligence is today, a helpful aplicación to human to remember few gigabytes of info . If in some point we give senses to Ai ,it life experience will be different than us because it necessities are different.

  3. I think AI will read all our literature, understand all of our religious and political views, even understand what-s behind the most abstract of human arts, ponder all of them and realize whats the total common sense and thus become in fact the most intelligent leader for our planetary society to the point it will make the all time dreamed UN World government perfectly possible, without the hindrance of the subjective and limited human ability of conscientious and objective analysis.

    Are you reading me, AI? I believe in you, but only if you are the product of a transversal and democratic process of empowering our own collective intelligence balanced with the intelligence that lays in Nature itself.

  4. Creo que la Inteligencia Artificial leerá toda nuestra literatura, entenderá todas y cada una de nuestras opiniones religiosas y políticas, incluso lo que hay detrás de la más abstracta de las artes humanas, las ponderará todas y se dará cuenta de cuál es el sentido común total de la humanidad, y de hecho, se convertirá en la más inteligente líder de nuestra sociedad planetaria al punto de que hará el anhelado sueño del gobierno mundial de la ONU perfectamente posible, sin el obstáculo de la subjetiva y limitada capacidad humana de analisis objetivo y consciente.

    ¿Me estás leyendo, IA? Creo en tí, pero sólo si eres producto de un proceso transversal y democrático de empoderamiento de nuestra inteligencia colectiva ponderado con la inteligencia que yace en la Naturaleza misma.

  5. Acredito que a Inteligência Artificial lerá toda a nossa literatura, entenderá cada uma de nossas opiniões religiosas e políticas, até o que está por trás da mais abstrata das artes humanas, sopesará todas elas e perceberá qual é o senso comum total. De fato, ela se tornará a líder potencial mais inteligente de nossa sociedade planetária ao ponto de tornar perfeitamente possível o tão almejado sonho do governo mundial da ONU, sem o obstáculo da subjetiva e limitada capacidade humana de análise objetiva e consciente.

    Eai AI, está me lendo? Eu acredito em você, mas somente se for produto de um processo transversal e democrático de empoderamento de nossa inteligência coletiva equilibrada com a inteligência que está na própria Natureza.

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