What a sinking euro means for Europe and the US | DW Business

What a sinking euro means for Europe and the US | DW Business

The euro has taken a major beating against its US peer since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, falling to its lowest level in 20 years. While a weakened euro should worry European consumers, US travelers visiting Europe could benefit.

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  1. There are too many homeless people in Western countries, but no one loves them. People just leave them to live hard. The love of Western countries is pouring into Ukraine, where the neo-fascist movement is being attacked and destroyed by Russia.

    When we hear Western countries express their love for Ukraine, we doubt whether this is political morality at the very high level of human civilization, or the hypocritical hypocrisy of political games. It is unknown that whether Western countries give weapons to for Ukraine to defend themselves or let Ukraine fight Russia for them. Are Ukrainians dying in self-defense or for the political games of the West?

  2. Fair trade china????. Cut inflation, two child policy global, right off wage new government system to recourse your several industries and artificial systems to cover your growth fisheries and your management is all about the money??? Thanks for that 200mfull closed pen treatment system on land you can get X3 profit X5 pen a prawn and fish is fish your a health care disaster!.

  3. Euro was strong because Russian gas and oil were priced in Euro, but now with Russia selling their oil in Ruble, Euro is no longer the de facto currency in EU. US has single handedly destroyed the Euro to save USD by triggering the Ukraine/Russian war. Now you Europeans should understand why US was eager to push the war to no end.

  4. This is part of the ' big game' that brings Western currencies on par with eachother to form an economic alliance to facilitate trade… The real issue here is inflation, interest rates, taxation on goods, velocity of money and political vested interests in a global recession!

    Ukraine is a long term Russian business tactic designed to exploit the West's fragile economy, making the Eastern alliances more united and strengthening the BRICS plus economies to survive the next global market crash…

  5. Es asombroso como los europeos son tan idiotas para acarrease ellos mismos estas calamidades solo por hacerle caso a EU, país sin nombre, y creer que todo seguiría bien, ya están sufriendo las concecuencias y Rusia riendose de EU y europa.

  6. Germany selling BMWs in the U.S. ("good"?) vs. GM selling U.S. Chevys in Germany (not so good)… EU inflation is the killer headache; Personally, I would much rather own a BMW than a Chevy…. far beyond a Cadillac. ("Deutsche wertarbeit") Retired (USD), living in Poland; as gasoline prices increased with the USD> Polish zlotych increasing, I was relatively unconcerned… Gasoline in Poland rose from ca. 5+ PLN/liter to rapidly approaching 8PLN/liter… still well over $6/gallon. (Americans should stop whining… along with driving 2-ton pickup trucks to the corner convenience store, for a bag of chips and diet Coke… or idling a 6-liter engine to cool off in the A/C)

  7. My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in the US.

  8. A currency's exchange rate equals a verdict on economic prospects, and Europe's have been fading. Expectations that the economy would see a rebound after turning the corner from the COVID-19 pandemic are being replaced by recession predictions, and of course the present hyper inflation.

  9. Watching this video I understand that the world is so unfair. People are moaning about the parity of currencies, we work so hard on the other side of the world and when we travel to these areas we just give away 50 of our currency for 1USD.

  10. Wasn’t US pushing to include Ukraine to EU. Wasn’t it also US say to Europe that they have to stop using Russian gas. Well, now Euro falls. Thanks to the big brother. Europe has been a retard since WII.

  11. Sanctions had returned like boomerang, Russia is stronger than ever.
    Only way for Europe to jump back is to cancel the sanctions because is it worth to have sanctions that doesn't work and the only victim is Europe here. And actually this can bring down the eurozone, if that happens bye bye EU.

  12. Trump was correct again! Europe is in a precarious energy position. They laughed at him two years ago, now they are crying.

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