Ukraine braces for 'next stage' of Russian offensive | DW News

Ukraine braces for 'next stage' of Russian offensive | DW News

A Ukrainian military official says Russia is preparing for the next stage of its offensive, after Moscow ordered its forces to step up military operations. While most fighting is taking place in the east, Russian rockets and missiles are also pounding cities far from the frontlines. Kyiv says the attacks have killed dozens of people in recent days.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Russians used to call their capital Moscow the Third Rome. Why? The Ancient Rome destroyed many nations, but is considered by historians as the source from which the European civilization came from. What Russia has to do with it? Is it a bluff, or what?

  2. Ukraine is winning the war again and again and again although it loses territory after territory. It is now near the gates of Moscow.
    Just read the feel good main stream media news of how German has successfully followed the sanction on Russia on behest of the US.

  3. German politicians are not hiding the magnitude of the threat from the electorate, as part of an effort to make sure they understand that Putin is guilty. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck called Putin's tactic an attack on Germany capable of causing a catastrophe. (The Guardian-UK newspaper). German doublespeak!!!!, didn't they help and protect Putin for years? Now they hit each other's chests, they're pathetic.

  4. Russia will win in the short term as in the best year or two but long term this war will destroy their economy and it will be the end of Russia as we know it

  5. USA must put boots on ground in the name of USA freedom n democracy save Ukraine ! DO NOT delay USA BIDEN NATO ! WHERE ARE YOU USA UK BIDEN NATO & all liberal democracies with LIKE MINDED VALUES. ? WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU !

  6. Ukraine was part of russia for centuries so it means its a brothery war. This means its kinda russians is killing russians. That explain why usa sends weapons and encouragements to this war. They dont care at all about those people who dies. Dont be fooled

  7. Why don't you tell the truth in your reports? You are lying and millions of people's lives listen to your LIES and believe them. Russia is winning this war and Kiev forces are still killing innocent people. YOU will suffer from your lies.

  8. Russia should just treat it as an actual war and a no – bar all out war and shut all the naysayers big mouth once and for all………….

  9. Why is no one seriously talking about negotiating a peace, it’s obvious Ukraine is slowly losing and dragging this out causing more deaths and destruction. The more things change the more they stay the same, west wants Ukraine to fight to their last drop

  10. Russia hits factory making missile parts how horrific your tagging civilians your missiles hit building's and streets near by Ukraine actively targeting civilian villages and markets in donetsk using mi24 hinds on civilian oil storage and hitting civilian homes in russia nothing in Western media strange that

  11. HIMARS hahaha since Ukraine retread 50 miles HIMARS range 40 as in those big depos out of range now the m777 was gonna save Ukraine 50 have been destroyed already 2 HIMARS have been destroyed a 1 has been sold to the russian military for 800k 300k for ammo HIMARS has changed things where in the fever dreams of Western media and government

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