Europe's heatwave spreads north as wildfires rage in the south | DW News

Europe's heatwave spreads north as wildfires rage in the south | DW News

Europe is going through another summer of record-breaking temperatures. The north is bracing for a week of extreme heat, while the south is already experiencing temperatures climbing to new highs. Hundreds have died from the effects of the extreme heat. Strong winds are fueling destructive wildfires across a number of nations, and several firefighters have been killed.
And in sweltering Berlin, delegations from around 40 countries have convened to confront the climate crisis. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi are set to address the forum, known as the Petersberg climate dialogue. It’s meant to set the stage for the bigger climate conference – the United Nation’s COP27, taking place in Egypt in November. On Monday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said countries need to redouble their efforts to hit climate targets.


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  1. No heatwave here in asia. Temperature still normal for this part of the year. Temp ranges ave from 30-35c. Its cooler now its the monsoon season. Only western countries are experiencing extreme weather. you should ask DARPA, maybe theyre experimenting with some weather manipulation weapon

  2. In the Philippines, since we are near the equator, this kind of heat is quite normal especially during summer (that’s why every house here has an AC unit) but seeing this in Europe is alarming since they are not accustom to this.

  3. Blah, blah blah ….
    So why don't you do a video that identifies the leading polluting countries, i.e. the leading culprits of climate death and destruction, i.e. the most financially liable for the devastations caused by the radical climate disruption to come?? For dont fool yourselves: this is NOT "climate change": only the prelude, the appetizer, the baby that will only grow into a full-fledged monster in a few decades from now…

    Ahh, and dont forget to do your calculations on a per capita basis. Or do you think that China is more responsible than Lichtenstein? On a per capita basis, Lichtenstein is among the all-time top polluters, along with the full gang of Anglo-Saxon countries, Russia, and …Germany. In other words, except for Russia, the countries that will have devastated the world, that for 30 years have doubled down on their polluting habits, IN FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR CONSEQUENCES, are the very same countries that have the cheek to go around lecturing others on democracy, pointing their moral fingers at them, slapping mutilating sanctions, if not actually trying to bomb them into submission.
    Blah, blah, blah alright. And the German Green Foreign Minister has the cheek to call on "every country" to combat pollution, to keep parroting the same drivel that polluting countries have been mumbling for the past 30 years???
    That's to insult and to spit on the people whose lives and countries you have long persisted (and you keep persisting) in destroying.

  4. Why is this happening? It's the simplest answer the European Union does not have any EPA regulations in place so they have been releasing CFC's for several decades into the air. 1 Chlorine molecule destroys 100,000 oxygen molecules in the atmosphere. Geez does this take a scientist to figure this out. You have F*** up earth's natural barrier.

  5. Go and check the Biblical prophecys in the book of revelation chapter 16:8-
    The fourth angel(R) poured out his bowl on the sun,(S) and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire.(T) 9 They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God,(U) who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent(V) and glorify him.(W)

  6. Germany is doing poor job on reduction of climate emissions. Russian crisis shows how little have been thought and even more so how little is done to get rid of true emissions in real world. Plans to change to the renewables were simply not there when needed. Dependency of fossil fuels is huge in Germany and in any crisis Germany is dounling its efforts to stay on fossil era. In the same time leaders are saying "2035 netzero", but that is a pure lie. Even coal powerplants are still be used and the plans were to keep them running on natural gas, that is almost as bad in emission sense due to the leaks in the system. And that's only part of the issue. Domestic emissions are roughly half of the problem. In western world we are simply buying extremely harming products from other nations that have less effective policies.

    EU's worst polluters were not in any agreement, so the worst pollution kept on going with elites money hungry short term schemes. Aviation is known to be huge polluter, but almost nothing has been done and after covid the flights are yet again booked to the max. Steel plants are not forced to reduce any emissions. And so many other areas that are known to be extremely harmful to the climate and even to the life itself on planet Earth.

    It is easy to delay neccessary changes to the next government and let them pass the critical issues on the next one. In this way nobody is blamed on the climate issues while it worsens every day. We should take every politician, business leader and any other person with some authority to the blame since 2000's. And really put them to the courts because they have been knowingly threatening lives of the whole mankind. And don't forget the harms they have been doing and allowing all over the nature.

    Current state of the climate is worsening fast. Even if we do huge cuts the climate is going worse several decades (2060 WMO). Most likely scenarios are predicting heating that goes well over 2C. Lack of leadership, political will and pure greed are the true face of lying elite that is going to push the heat even over 3C. If you think that current climate is getting out of control, then compare what happens in 1,1C and what is coming to happen in temperature change of well over 3C.

    For the current heatwaves it seems like 4C predictions of the desertification is already starting in the Southern Europe and in western North America. In the same time food production in several regions is slashed by 30% because of the droughts and heat. Droughts will be worsening in the near future, because many key rivers are bound to mountain glaciers that are rapidly melting and after they have been melted, there is no melt water during mostly dry summer. Aöso you have to realize that 2C temperatures are killing coral reefs that are supporting 25% of the marine life. This also takes food from many tables (500- 1000 million are relying on these food sources). The Ukraine war with its food crisis is worsened by these effects. And in future these years are still the time when agriculture was doing fine, it will be way worse.

    A single heatwave is bad, but think what happens when these issues hits the nations in yearly basis. The worst hits are not the lives lost during the heated period, but instead the losses in the soil and lakes where life itself is starting to degrade. In many cases this means less crop yields, less dense specie populations, more vulnerable ecosystems and the impact remains years after a single event. In some cases changes releases the carbon storages from the ground and from the waterways.

    We should be at zero emissions by now, but yet still our emissions are rising to the new records. There are simply way too few examples of doing enough on climatic issues. You may say there is almost nothing done that does enough to avoid the ongoing rapidly worsening life threatening climate crisis.

  7. I still remember. there are many tourists from Europe coming to Asia saying that the weather in South East Asia is hot & all sorts of things like sarcasm.

    but you forget this earth belongs to God.
    now you feel the situation is hotter than Asia.

    We are still grateful for what God has given us. we are proud that our land is fertile and rich in produce.
    I pray that the situation in your place will recover..


  8. I read the other day that human- created emissions are a tiny fraction of anything going on. That there are natural things going on in the earth that are making the differences. QUIT punishing us. The easiest Way to stop " human-caused climate change" is to stop having babies! Reduce the human population by half and voila!

  9. Rather than blaming on the climate change, Europes should start by not allowing cars more than 10years to be on the road. Automobiles have a big footprint, from tailpipe emissions to road infrastructure thats why is causing the environment to be so fast in changes. Electric vehicles may sound like the plan but to let humans adapt, stricter rules should be impose

  10. It's not all "man-made" , read the book by Immanuel Velikovsky "world's in collision" . You will see that with 1940s technology, he figured out that the earth goes through climate changes, over long periods of time . This is mostly due to astrological events.

  11. Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments.
    Financial management is a crucial topic that most tend to shy away from, and ends up haunting them in the near future.
    Putting our time and effort in activities and investments that will yield a profitable return in the future is what we should be aiming for. Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it.

  12. The United Nations website posted an essay that discussed "The Benefits of World Hunger", is the truth about the UN finally becoming overt? A US patent outlines a way to cool our planet by detonating nuclear bombs, has sanity completely left the equation? In countless parts of the world lakes and reservoirs are drying up and rivers are running dry. In other regions the entire landscape is being inundated with relentless rains and full time flooding. Crop production is being crushed from weather mayhem, food supply chains are breaking down. Covert climate intervention operations are inseparable from all of it, yet the official denial of the ongoing weather warfare continues to be maintained. Can populations be fully awakened in time to make a difference?

    Dane Wigington

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