Tips To Increase Concentration During Exams

Tips To Increase Concentration During Exams 6

Exam are regular part of student’s life yet they can be scary. Exams test what students have learned. Also exam will test student’s pressure coping ability, time management skills, calmness and mental stamina. Now, everyone has different ways that work for them when prepping up for examinations. Some prefer to to isolate themselves so that nothing can distract them, and some find studying in groups more helpful. We have some useful tips that help in relieving exam pressure and boost the exam preparation.

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Tips To Increase Concentration During Exams 9

1) Stay Away From Social Media :
Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are the daily source of entertainment. Firstly You have to eliminated social media from your life. It will help you to focus on study.

2) Find An Appropriate Study Environment:
Find a quite area , such as private room or a library. If you like fresh air, go outside to an area that is reasonably free of distractions. This may help you to keep concentrate on you study. Find somewhere that is the right temperature, with good lightening and where you are not going to disturbed.

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3) Have Proper Diet:
A healthy body means a healthy brain. Keep your nutrition right. Have balanced diets with all the essential macros your body need. Eat some snacks or a moderate quantity of food before you study. It energizes your body. But make sure to not eat a heavy diet as it may make you sleepy.

4) Sleep Tight:
Sleep is highly essential one of the tips to increase concentration and memory power. Try to get 6-7 hrs of sleep that can make you fresh and energetic. Lack of sleep makes you feel dull.

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5) Study With Right Friends :
Revising alone can sometimes make things repetitive and boring and it can be hard to comprehend ideas without questioning and debating topics with others that understand the topic too. Therefore, revising with friends can be a fantastic way to bounce ideas off each other and help each other to understand areas of the subject or topic area that you might be struggling with.

6) Study With Short Breaks :
Normally, studying for about an hour at a time and then taking a 5-10 minute break is the most effectual study schedule to maintain concentration on a given task. Taking a short break gives your mind time to relax, so it can be ready to stay productive and absorb information.

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7) Play Concentration Games And Do Concentration Exercises:
Amazing and quick way of improving your focus. When you are tired of studying, you can work on your concentration by doing certain gazing exercises. Play games like Sudoku and chess to improve your concentration.

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