Germany to become the world's largest market for cannabis products | DW News

Germany to become the world's largest market for cannabis products | DW News

Planning to start your own cannabis company or simply grow your own? Germany is set to become the biggest legal weed market in the world. It could spark a Europe-wide rush for marijuana revenues and state taxes. The business could we worth billions, as Ben Fajzullin found out.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Unbelievable. Out of all the important aspects to be talked about when legalizing a drug, all german regulators seem to be talking about is the money to be made from the legalization. This isn't about opening a market for a drug, its about allowing people controlled access to a drug where safety and transparency is first and foremost. How are these drugs going to be sold? Who can buy them, how can people educate themselves about its effects and risks? I am so sick of people in power underperforming and not being able to do something about it.

  2. Shame on Germany.. I would not like to leave in country where cannabis is legalized. So far the best country in the world is UAE – where drugs and alcohol are forbiden.

  3. I think it's great if Germany legalizes, still not sure how it would be the largest market. The United States has 19 states that have legalized for recreational use. The 19 states far exceed the 84 million people in Germany.

  4. The biggest security against health concerns are the choices of the consumers.
    There will be a learning period, for law enforcement, people who produce and sell it and the customers.
    Ideally this will be revisited and then improved upon after a few years.

    People who never used it, should made aware, that it not goes overly well depending on dosage and other substances you may use, the age you use it at and your overall bodily and mental fitness. If all that is addressed, i think it is still rather one of the safer drugs out there.

    In the end i think it would be a good sign of a free and responsible society, if we can learn how to balance this out without stigmatisation, criminalisation and the state rather supporting people who may have trouble using such substances, instead of driving them to the edge of society.

    In a way i even think that nature based societies, which have/had rituals where they initiated their young to certain drugs when they come of age, have the right idear. If it is not forbidden, that type of attraction falls away and if the older once show you the ins and outs to how to use or not to missuse a drug, you may not have a bad experiences with it and it therefor can enrich your life instead of becoming a burdon for you and others around you.
    A consumer societies like ours will have to walk through some rough spots though, as it will be used by many young majorly for parties without setting themselves limits, but having clear dosages on the product may give them indicators for future use. Also it can only be good, that these products now can have quality control and no foreign substances sneakily adding any sideeffects and more serious risks.

  5. Stats from canada : 151,000 jobs created, added 44 billion to canada gdp and 15 billion dollars to tax coffers. This number is only getting bigger so dear germans, please legalize Cannabis.

  6. it isnt a PROSPEROUS society when the people become junkies, fatties, tv & social media binge users, paychech to paycheck living, stressed ( so they drink, take drugs, eat sugar, watch porn .. hahah )

    the WEST is truly degrading

    and they dress it as a SUCCESS, usign words like 'growing market', 'creating new taste' 'entrepreneurs'

    in reality this is yet another way to become NUMB TO RAELITY. incompetence, corruption, high bills, dying european population, dying masculinty and feminisation of everything, includin men .. no wonder some want to escape. but – what in the LONG TERM ?

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