Francis Fukuyama: Russia now 'resembles Nazi Germany' | DW News

Francis Fukuyama: Russia now 'resembles Nazi Germany' | DW News

Thirty years ago, the writer and political scientist Francis Fukuyama predicted that the success of liberal democracies indicated a move toward the pinnacle of civilization. In an interview with DW, he discusses what that means in terms of Russia and its war against Ukraine, and what the current state of the world says about where humanity is headed.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Of note, and major players know this, the Dunbas contains one of the largest reserves of oil and gas. If Ukraine tapped it, Russia's leverage is gone.

  2. Really like F. Fukuyama his answers and analysis is very interesting, but i was negatively impressed by the interviewer, i found him a bit unprofessional

  3. Putin's Russia dictatorship differs from China's.
    Russia's: Putin is the dictator – period.
    China's: Xie is below a hand full of powerful communist leaders who call the shot.

  4. Apparently there is no End to the “End of History” jokes. I thought this was a good interview, the interviewer’s questions were a bit rambling, but were successful in producing interesting answers from Mr. Fukuyama. The interviewer just needs a bit more preparation.

  5. Ok….I know now this is a Trump bashing session! Have you ever thought you probably wouldn't be discussing this war if Trump was still in office? This is indeed highly possible. Taiwan will be next….why?….because America has become WEAK!!! Everything rises and falls on leadership. I'm done….turning this trash off!

  6. I like the interviewer for the very reasons that others criticized him: it made him authentic. I prefer a disheveled intellectual who searchers for the best words to a well coiffed and polished teleprompter reader with only a superficial understanding.

  7. WORLD"S LARGEST MAFIA-STATE .It's time to call out Putin's Russia for what it is , it has gone beyond what we used to call a 'police-state', and many countries were happy to have that label attached to them , in their minds it had a veneer of legitimised control. We must now call out Putin's Russia for what it is …IT IS THE WORLD'S LARGEST MAFIA-STATE! ( followed closely by Belarus , Burma and their ilk) We used to reserve this title for various 'tin-pot'/ cocaine-fuelled/powered regimes in South America and war-torn African nations, but for a long time now we've had these bigger, repressive nations hiding in plain sight and not attach the legitimate moniker 'Mafia-state'. What makes them 'Mafia-states' is their wholesale and casual use of intimidatory methods( now increasingly using just plain murder) by their cadres of well paid henchmen (their armies/security forces), to further their aims…which are ultimately, simply the banal accumulation of personal wealth at the expense of the average Russian citizen whose living standards would be so much higher without Putin's personal 'Tax-collecting' Oligarchs (and their children) with their Super Yachts and Luxury real estate in London, Paris, the Riviera, etc. CALL THEM OUT…THEY ARE SIMPLY 'MAFIA-STATES'

  8. Russia should be on every country North Korea/Iran list, you are not allowed to travel there. Putin wants the Soviet Union, they should be put back into the Soviet box as far a travel goes. And this special travel situation should remain until the government changes.

  9. He appears to be misinformed about China. China is not a one-party country, it’s a one-man country. China is no better prepared for succession when Xi goes then is Russia when Putin goes.

  10. I could easily see NATO nations abandoning the Ukraine once it reclaims it's ports if that's all NATO is interested in : the ability to export. One almost wonders then if it wouldn't be better for Ukraine to focus on the eastern front for now, now that it is finally getting the weapons it has been promised FOR MONTHS.
    It's concerning that once Ukraine ports are accessible again, NATO will lose all interest in Ukraine reclaiming the Donbass and insist that Ukraine be "reasonable" and give it up to Russia.

  11. Why not ask Trump himself if he would support Ukraine instead of spreading rumours which may be completely wrong? Best ti hear himself say it then we will all know where he stands.

  12. I hope after Putler dies, that Russia becomes a thriving democracy, That the west can cooperate with. This could have happened, it nearly did, but Putler got in power. It is possible, so don't loose hope.

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