What can Germany, the EU do if Russia keeps Nord Stream 1 turned off? | DW News

What can Germany, the EU do if Russia keeps Nord Stream 1 turned off? | DW News

The flow of gas supplies from Russia has been interruped, and there is speculation that it will not fully resume. Germany has now begun preparing for a hard winter ahead.

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  1. Germany should open its eyes to the reality of the world and stop making business with RUSSIA. Now that they are short on the gas supply they dare to ask POLAND for providing them with some supplies of gas accumulated in Poland. Germany was prohibiting coal mining in Poland and now they look again into this resource themselves in the view of the gas shortages and inevitably winter coming with cold weather. Why would Germany be allowed to mine the coal again and Poland is being punished for not being "green "enough?Poland is not in the service of Germany. WE are independent country and Germany should keep their hands off of our government and economy and politics. Germany involvement with Poland causes great suffering in our country many times already. MY advice is: pay POLAND for the Ukrainian immigrants what the EU promised to pay and not withhold these payments because you do not like POLISH GOVERNMENT. UE is not hearing POLISH citizens crying that the government is abusing anyone, SO STOP INTERFERE IN POLISH MATTERS HANDS OFF OTHER COUNTRIES!!!

  2. They were warned years ago by The Honorable Donald Trump former president of the United States of America at the UN assembly. Quoting The Honorable Donald Trump president of the United States do not be too dependent on Russia he spoke to the Russians at the UN

  3. Gee… as it turns out, it's a bad thing to be dependent on your rivals and enemies for things you desperately need. Also, apparently the NATO countries should have been putting the percentage of GDP into defense that they had agreed to spend. Put another two dollars in the "Trump Was Right " jar.

  4. Germany made Greece bleed and suffer for years, with arrogance, and no pity . Let the germans suffer a bit..or emigrate to a"club med "country as they say. Everbody his turn..Gesundheit ..

  5. They could take note to listen to your Allie’s next time. For America it is one thing for your enemy to be competent. It is much worse for your Allies to be incompetent and sabotage all the deals that where made after ww2 so Germans can have a not even that good economy.

  6. RUSSIA offers both stabilizing and de-stabilizing influence over the EU. Now, the EU is unstable, insecure and given to quick temper. The alliance is now marked by quarrel, unhappiness and eventual separation.

  7. All these politicians…. TALK ALOT!!!!!!!
    They started talking tough first and wanted to sanction Russia first and encourage Ukraine to join Nato and fight a proxy war with Russia all in the sake of being obedient to the American Dog Whistle!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that they are screwed…. Where is their sugar daddy USA?????

    Now use all sorts of words to blame Russia when they shot their own foot in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let the German Chancellor and their warmongering foreign minister BAERBOCK SOLVE THIS PROBLEM THAT THEY & THEIR GREEN PARTY created!!!!!!!!

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