What the January 6th hearings have set out to prove | DW News

What the January 6th hearings have set out to prove | DW News

Over the course of eight hearings, the January 6th Congressional Committee has laid out astonishing revelations, bombshell testimony, and delivered previously unseen footage surrounding the 2020 election and the attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

According to Committee members, their evidence shows that former President Donald Trump knew the election was not stolen; that he actively tried to overturn the election result anyways; and that he incited the violent riot at the Capitol that saw five people killed.

But will there actually be consequences for President Trump and his inner circle? DW explains what the hearings have revealed so far, and what the outcome might be for President Trump and his closest aides.

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DW News

DW News


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  1. Best case scenario is Trump drags the GOP down with him, then absent the threat(s) of the GOP hopefully DNC voters start demanding something of their party rather than simply being glad they're not the GOP as if afflicted by Stockholm Syndrome, then the duopoly will come tumbling down and we can have more parties which more closely and effectively represent their respective constituencies

  2. The US in crisis! This crisis will end with the next World War at around 2035 and the working class will try to seize the power and end this barbarism on the whole globe!

  3. DW passes on key Democrat lies and supports a two-tiered system of justice. The Democrats would never investigate the much more serious riots which killed scores and destroyed billions in property by looting and burning in 2020. Instead DW focuses on the continuing Democrat persecution and witch hunt of Donald Trump who had good cause to question the rigged 2020 election. Note that neither DW nor the Democrats has the slightest interest in the Trump supporters: Ashli Babbitt and Rosalynd Byrd who were murdered in cold blood by Democrat cops that day and got away with it with no real investigation, nor are they interested in the scores of Trump supporters who have effectively been tortured and denied their Constitutional rights while being imprisoned in racist D.C. jails.

  4. Nothing will come from this circus. We all know it. Corrupt politicians r untouchable in USA
    Trump will run for office again n he will win cause u know….that's just how much stupidity there is

  5. You mean the probe where no one’s allowed to say anything against the democrats narrative. That’s going nowhere it’s just a show trial to try and get votes for the midterms

  6. In a fair hearing, evidence would have been presented to show that Trump issued a memo demanding a peaceful protest and that he forewarned both Pelosi and DC Bowser to have the National Guard in place to avoid civil unrest. This is but one more example of how the totally corrupt media like DW deliberately omits key facts to wrongly smear Donald Trump. Pelosi, in particular, has been completely off limits for this sham show trial and inept investigation.

  7. Note that DW picks a corrupt, lame lawyer like Ross. Banks was better because he actually realized that cross-examination and a careful weighing of evidence is necessary to even bring charges. Ross is a complete joke. In the U.S. one is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Ross mirrors the Soviet and fascist systems where one had to prove one's innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

  8. And, if you were at all in doubt of the Google/YouTube/DW corrupt totalitarian slant, please note that DW claim's 37 comments. At least 4 of my comments documenting the farcical January 6 Committee were censored by the Google/You Tube/Democrat creatures at DW. Perhaps many more comments not supporting this sham show trial were also censored. Sixteen comments actually appear. That suggests that DW has suppressed 21 comments or 57% of the comments DW wrongly states are extant.
    Totalitarian supporters everywhere will be proud of DW, YouTube and Google!

  9. Donald Trump should be the first one prosecuted he has committed many crimes against the United States and he should be banned from ever running for any office ever again

  10. There is nothing political about holding someone accountable for breaking the law who gives a s*** that he was the ex-president we sure don't he committed crimes against the United States and any president who commits the crimes that Donald Trump did should be held accountable and legally held accountable

  11. Yet the Jan 6th committee witch hunt of course refuses to explain why Pelosi refused Trumps request for the national guard to be brought in to protect the capital They do not want that in evidence of course. Hearsay is not evidence the reasons for that have been exposed for all to see in this witch hunt. They also do not want the videos of trump telling people to PEACEFULLY march on washington to have their VOICES heard. He did not promote any violence no matter how this witch hunt tries to twist and distort information to try and prove otherwise. The democrats got into power using deceit distortion and lies. The dems plotted to overthrow trump fabricating a connection to Russia. They engaged in a campaign of surveillance against trumps election campaign worse than watergate. Absolutely horrendous. The disaster that is now America is all down to the incompetent getting into power they have destroyed the USA with Biden. Come November the dems and those on this committee along with those in the fbi that have conspired with them will all be held to account for sure, With a real judicial independent investigation. I wonder if Pelosi will enjoy her jail time

  12. Maybe purpose of life is to help one another. They misunderstood try to kill, to blame each other for nothing, perhaps they will look better or become master or something sad

  13. This committee won't actually achieve anything. Democrats that didn't vote for Trump will condemn and Republicans will just disregard anything said. The Republicans will release there own findings before the next presidential election. The swing voters will just not care enough to show up or vote Trump just to get rid of Biden in 2024. The trial was already held in Trumps 2nd impeachment and ruled exoneration, By Americas constitution you can't put someone on trial for the same charge twice.

  14. I thought Dave shappel was joking but apparently you can break the law in the US and just say, “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.” And you get away with it.

  15. Biden and the democrats is diverting attention, inflation is high and the world economy is tumbling, so what do they do? Divert the narrative to someone they blame for everything.

  16. A right to an option, a right to investigation.
    He has unfinished business that he needs to correct. He needs to fix it. …we have had president elect burn business. No the political party has a right to protest. And we know corporations will lie to protect there Political party.. because there is $ to be made.. we have worse sitting on government body seats. I feel if we can fight Trump than we can clean the rapist, drug addicts, and child molesters out of our government, the Thieves, killers, and sadistic that is killing our Governing body..
    Corporate has been buying elected officials for centuries.. trust me Trump is not our biggest concern.. and we are wasting time and resources fighting him… Let him Finnish what he started..

  17. Why were dead people allowed to vote? Why were already votes pre election votes pulled out from under desks n added to d votes caught on tape video? Why were election votes rolled back caught on television CNN MSNBC CBS ABC NBC?

  18. I really hope Trump is charged. At minimum a precedent needs to be set about what happens to those who try to cling to power after voted out.

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