Lavrov in Africa: Russia aiming for regime change in Ukraine | DW News

Lavrov in Africa: Russia aiming for regime change in Ukraine | DW News

Ukraine says it’s prepared to restart grain exports through the Black Sea despite a Russian missile strike on the port city of Odesa.
The attack happened just one day after the two countries signed a deal to resume exporting to global markets despite ongoing war. After initially denying any involvement – Russia said its missiles hit a Ukrainian military target. The agreement aims to get Ukrainian crops safely out via ship and help ease a global food crisis. Millions of tons of grain have been trapped since the invasion, due to Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and blockade of its ports.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says his country is aiming for regime change in Ukraine and hopes to unite Ukrainians and Russians. He made the comments in Cairo during the first leg of a tour of African countries. He will also visit Ethiopia, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
At talks with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Egypt’s foreign minister, Lavrov said Russian grain exporters were committed to meeting their orders in full. He reaffirmed that the deal on the safe export of Ukrainian grain remains in place. Lavrov also indicated what he called ‘illigitimate’ sanctions mean Russia is looking to reorient its foreign policy towards Africa and other parts of the world.


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  1. If Africa starts dealing with Russia then we will have to stop all aid payments to African countries that help otherwise we are funding Russians war in Ukraine.

  2. And in the beginning you had the great Nile and the fertile land beyond. Great cities formed as an Army marches on a full stomach, desire to flourish with each new born. Within this vast Army we choose those to guide as do all mothers nurture young. Our eyes are set only with the rising sun…

  3. NATO is aiming for regime change in Russia, starting with deNazifying the Kremlin and sending Putin and Lavrov to the Hague to stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Lavrov and Putin both should hang.

  4. Lavrov and Putler are in cloud cookoo land because if nothing else, their attack of Ukraine AND the brainwash they've streamed to the population has created 'Hate' between the two peoples

  5. Russia do not have to turn to African Nations…Most african nations trust Russia more than they trust any western nation…Ditto in Latin america, middle east and most of Asia…

  6. New business for Russia is destroy EU and Africa friendship, Russia transports gas to China now Russia was found way to stop Africa help alternative way gas selling to EU, I know history good only human slavers was pirates and only they slayer was been England it was only country who killed pirates as slave traders only so after England was made freedom as very clever country all other west countries was follow to England which was most first free country on Earth called England only one, about Russia not long ago US was taken down Russia pirates who was carried 14 tons of cocaine in one ship, these Russians was arrested by FBI, so understand Russia was done worst as it can in they powers, if Russia kills they brother country from historical view Ukraine was been same Russia not too long ago, so what they gonna do to Africa, better is know what they was done of course Russia only will is to destroy anyone who not belongs to themselves, like if Africa wish to create free without Wagner same as Russian army Alfa army country is tried to be killed by Russians, however suits is not too expensive, Russians can be back from burned theatre and buy US army suits to lie that they are US army as well to Africans.

  7. Ukraine will have military presence in Odesa, even more when seamines get removed. That should be considered logical. Typical Russian insidious behaviour.

  8. Tomi Oladipo has one of the best speaking-voices in all of broadcasting. Best diction, best pronunciation, he's blessed with a clear concise voice. I love hearing his broadcasts. He's better than most of our Canadian broadcasters, many of whom seem to have problems with their word-things. Really, some of them are just painful to listen to.

  9. Lavrov always has that stab you in the back smile. Russias word is worthless, and I don’t know why any country has anything to do with the murderers.

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