Why saltwater must be prevented from ruining Italy's rice fields | DW News

Why saltwater must be prevented from ruining Italy's rice fields | DW News

July has seen record temperatures reached in parts of Europe as a heatwave swept across the continent. Though some have enjoyed the sunshine, it’s brought added misery to many European farmers. In Italy a prolonged drought means rice harvests are down as traditionally fertile lands dries up.

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DW News

DW News


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  1. Italy must reach out for a helping hand from China. China has been developing more and more salt-resistant rice varieties and have increased yields beyond imagination.

  2. The thing is that in order to stop climate change, CO2 emissions have to be stopped and reversed to do that economies have to slow down or even stop and nations simply won't do that as people demand their goods/services. I recommend to embrace yourself for more climate change in the upcoming year.

  3. If the glacier is gone, there is no snow melt, and the reservoirs are empty in summer, then you are done.
    You have used up all your supply. No more wasting water in rice cultivation. Shut down the farm and come back in 10 years.
    This is not Global Climate Change. This is poor resource stewardship, probably started 2 generations ago. Sorry,….. you're done.

    This same thing is happening in the Southwest USA.
    Only there the issue is not rice, but a tripling of the population and the need to have a grass lawn in the desert. Same denial.

  4. There will be no loss of GDP. There may be a 24% change in what countries domestically produce, shrinking markets will die, and new markets will be created. Never underestimate mans desire and creativity when it comes to earning wealth.

  5. Actually the hardest situation of all is India,
    1bilion 400 million people living on the brink of poverty they can't handle anything more !

  6. It goes without saying!! If reliable green energy production and storage were available. It would simply be a matter of political will. But that's simply not the case is it.

  7. All we have right now are wef/nwo puppets introducing an agenda of starvation!! Destroying food, water, fertilizers, oil and gas while introducing green which doesnt work yet!! Actually more polluting, but then again they want total dominance of all people, while you starve ,they never have shortages, but make a fortune creating them!!! To bad the people follow the MSM narrative enslaving all humanity!!!

  8. The thing is we, humans, are best at talking and planning. We don't really come through until there's little to no time left and then we're forced to act.

  9. We SERIOUSLY need to change our economic models. We MUST change our lifestyles. It is not just about fossil fuels. It is also about embracing and respecting nature. Respect goes two ways. Human beings are making very selfish demands on nature.

  10. Global warming only viable solution at this point is solar shades for entire Planet, can be done via power satellites but required first established industry capabilities on orbit or Moon surface to make it cost effective. In 20-30 years we can solve it with technology and industry and have control on Global Temperatures.

  11. And this is only going to worsen in the near future. Current 1,1C temperature rise will be over 1,5C and most likely will go over 3C by 2100.

    Losing mountain glaciers in a heating up world that has low moisture on the surface will do much harm. The real frightening question is: Is mediterraneien area already heading toward desertinfication? It is predicted to become at 4C, but yearly heatwaves, droughts and wild fires says it may have begun already. Similar events are happening in western USA, in India and Pakistan, perhaps even in Australia.

    50 years science has been alerting our leaders to make action. But nothing has been done. Our emissions are still risen ever higher.

  12. Utter garbage. Fossil fuels literally fueled almost all of the productivity gains on the planet over the last two hundred years. If you live indoors, eat fresh food, have access to medical care, and attended school, your quality of life is almost entirely paid for with gasoline, diesel, coal, and natural gas. Yes, we must find alternatives, but it's ridiculous to claim that we have suffered from oil, gas, and coal.

  13. "Let us be concerned over the present conflagration phenomenon in Europe. Europeans are co-human race like us. 'We should feel no boarder between them'. Should only be human being one soul and be brilliant enough, methinks, there is no need to stage war after the other". from the philippines

  14. Certain people’s have too many children, the uneducated poor causing stress on the planet by pumping out children, children need feeding and more and more food then needs to be grown causing more and more global warming, educate them so they don’t worsen global warming with very large families, maybe stop state benefits after second child if they want more they can pay for them

  15. This is what we have been experiencing in Africa sever draught ad other natural calamities, like rope losses ,it is now a reality that European countries should wake up and see the essence of concerning climate change, as Europe experiences heat wave here in kenya we are experiencing extreme cold weather .it is now a matter of time

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