Russia gains ground in Donbas while Ukraine steps up counter offensive in the south | Ukraine Update

Russia gains ground in Donbas while Ukraine steps up counter offensive in the south | Ukraine Update

British military intelligence said mercenaries from the Russian private military company Wagner had captured territory near the Vuhlehirsk power plant in recent days. Ukraine’s Soviet-era power station is the latest loss in the eastern Donbas region. It comes as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine was preparing to increase its electricity exports to the European Union, to help it withstand pressure from Russia over energy supplies.

Ukraine recently made clear that it intends to recapture the southern port city of Kherson, which is held by Russia but located further away from Moscow’s strongholds in Donetsk and Luhansk. A key Russian-held bridge in Kherson was hit in a counteroffensive to recapture the southern region from Russia. The bridge is the main crossing across the Dnieper River in the Kherson region and is essential for Russian resupply routes into the region.

Mental health workers in Ukraine face an immense challenge in dealing with the psychological toll exacted by Russia’s invasion, as they try to find ways to help children and adults cope with fear, despair and grief. DW visited the largely destroyed town of Borodyanka, where shell-shocked residents are in need of support.


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  1. This leader need stop play game and save innocent life him and his wife are save but is innocent whom display for war that was created them leader why not find peaceful solution stop talk?

  2. Great leader void the problem even if it's they right just to save innocent that is a true leadership if any leader doesn't have that kind mind set are not ready to leader mankind

  3. Zelenski mentioned that these power plant were to supply electricity to Europe… I would not be surprised if these power plants were in hands of western capital… More precisely in American hands

  4. The real war is being waged by Western leaders against its own citizens. They see us as pawns, the way they saw the citizens of Eastern Ukraine as pawns, they didn't expect Russia to gain justice for the Eastern Ukrainians.

  5. Listen to how difficult it is to find correct words to say against reality on the grounds. "Ukraine is making incremental gains and Russian Forces are advancing slowly."

  6. Ukraine is dead in the water without half the world supply weapons and 60 BILLION dollars
    Did not destroy the bridge
    China sending troops and tanks to Russia

  7. Europe has other options, Russia does not. Russia relies on European purchases more than EU relies on Russian gas. Russia is playing Russian roulette with themselves. They are an aging population, losing their wealthy and talented, losing their gold, losing their income. They’re the ones framing west as the bad guys, but the west will end up looking good to most of the world as they look to the west for stability against Russian and Chinese wars

  8. Der Ukraine Konflikt begann mit dem Angriffskrieg der Asov und Bandera Faschisten am 6.April 2014 auf russischsprachige Zivilisten und 10000 Tote im Donbass und dem Putsch auf dem Maidan 2014 mit Unterstützung der USA und georgischer Scharfschützen die auf Demonstranten und Polizisten gleichzeitig schossen. Die NATO sollte bis an die russische Grenze geführt werden. Amerikanische Soldaten und Söldner anderer westlicher Länder sind längst in der Ukraine. Schuld am Konflikt ist die Ukraine und der Westen.

  9. Every day the the same tired message Ukraine is going to do this , Ukraine is going to do that, give it up already they have lost and there will not be any counter offensive. Zelensky should negotiate while he still has a head.

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