Ukraine war latest: Russian state TV mocks European energy-saving efforts | DW News

Ukraine war latest: Russian state TV mocks European energy-saving efforts | DW News

The first shipment of Ukrainian grain to be shipped since a deal was struck between Ukraine and Russia left the port of Odesa on Monday morning, bound for Lebanon.

The Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship Razoni is the first ship to depart in line with an agreement reached with Russia on July 22. A statement from the United Nations said it was carrying more than 26,000 tons of corn.

Other convoys are expected to follow, respecting the maritime corridor and other formalities in line with the deal.

Ukraine and Russia signed the agreement, brokered by the UN and Turkey, which is hoped will see grain exported from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

“The ship Razoni has left the port of Odessa bound for Tripoli in Lebanon. It is expected in Istanbul on August 2. It will then continue its journey after it has been inspected in Istanbul,” Turkey’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote on Twitter that Guterres “warmly welcomes the departure of the M/V Razoni, the first commercial ship leaving Ukraine’s port of Odesa” since February 26, adding “ensuring that existing grain and foodstuffs can move to global markets is a humanitarian imperative.”


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  1. In fact, the war in Ukraine is the war between Russia and the US, taking UKRAINA as the battlefield But why Ukraine? It is because of Zelensky's choice. He accepts to offer his country as a battlefield for the US to fight Russia. Zelensky wholeheartedly served the intentions of the United States, seeking to destroy Russia, taking the lives of his own people to die for the United States.

    The war dragged on because the US wanted to use this war to find out how Russian weapons are

  2. Deputy Chief of Kiev’s Military Intelligence REVEALS Ukraine CONSULTS with US before making strikes with US-supplied HIMARS rocket launchers, with Washington able to overrule attacks, an INSIGHT into who’s really CALLING THE SHOTS – though it hasn’t stopped Kiev from using rockets on CIVILIAN areas of Donbass region.

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  4. I'm glad Ukraine is shipping grain again. The mom is concerned about staying because of school? Seems like she'd be more concerned about her child's safety.

  5. International opprobrium has been heaped on Russia following its attack in Ukraine. However, What instigated Russia to invade its closest neighbor needs to be addressed. The West too can not avoid the responsibility by continuously ignoring Russia's security concerns.

  6. Je je je je . Ahora los rusos son buenos cristianos y los europeos somos pecadores repugnantes . Parece ser que se les olvida la historia del siglo XX a Putin y sus colegas . In Rusia anything goes

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  8. Ukraine pound them till winter. Russian military if you remember had tough time in winter. Cut supply off use your pepole to snitch on Russians were supply depot's are. Mainly food. And there refineries that goes to Moscow. USA needs to send old wart hogs. Wart hogs are Russians worst nightmare. Plus USA needs to learn how to jam all of Russian military, and china to. Time to call out the hackers of the world to drain Russian military of funds. Tell them keep the money.

  9. if i have a shovel and i make shovel parts and everything else i need. what do i do with the money i get from selling dirt? the west cant hurt them economically in anyway. they are self sufficient.

  10. regarding the shelled village i love the way the dw tow-the-line reporting doesn't mention that there were ukrainian troop movement in the area. why would the Russians shell this particular village for no reason deuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. typical one-sided "reporting."