German foreign minister criticizes Chinese aggression towards Taiwan | DW News

German foreign minister criticizes Chinese aggression towards Taiwan | DW News

During her visit to the United States, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called for strengthening the transatlantic alliance in the face of the threat posed by Russia.

The United States and its allies must now build a “partnership in leadership” to defend their security, the democratic social system and the rules-based world order, Baerbock said. To this end, Germany and the Europeans would have to say goodbye to cherished certainties and realign their security policy.


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DW News

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  1. Taiwan like Ukraine is a country and that has been the case for years, the people that live there choose it to be that way but greedy evil and corrupt communism leaders and also the other world leaders never have enough power, they allways want more. You greedy world leaders Will be the end of us all IF WE FIGHT!

  2. Has Germany gone loco? I always thought Germany was smart. Taiwan is a part of China and China can perform military drills on its territory, same as any other country

  3. How strange that Pelosi has a visit with Taiwan at the same time that her drunkard husband goes through the sham trial. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has no diplomatic duty to have any relations with foreign countries. She is neither the Chief Executive nor the Secretary of State, and as such she can only go there with the permission of the President. This entire show is smoke and mirrors to distract from the joke of a trial where there is a last minute change of judges and the prosecution has ties to the Pelosi family.

  4. The first country to ever attack Taiwan with warship was the US in 1867. and the country that supported japan invading Taiwan during the mudan incident , was the US in 1874. the country that sold weapons to japan during the first Sino- Japanese war, 1894 1895 leading to china's defeat , forcing china to cede Taiwan to japan, was the US from 1894 to 1895. the country that actively pushes for Japanese containment of china, in Taiwanese containment of mainland china is the US from the 19th century until today . So can we really say that the US is our friend ? i mean we are being used to serve US imperialist interests . these recent events show us that so-called Taiwan separatism is not true independence , but it further embroils Taiwan into serving US imperialist interests . True independence means independence from this sort of hegemonic , unequal relationship where you don't even have dignity as a human being and I think this sort of independence can only be achieved through peaceful reunification with the rest of china .where each one are equal citizens with equal rights and have to our voices heard as equal citizens and not subjects of the empire.

  5. Hey…it is Pelosi intentional visit to Taiwan that cause this to happen even after China warned many times not.. becomes China as the Agression?
    That's major twisting of facts..

  6. China want non-interference, peace and stability and all their actions are to prevent interference. US only has to stay away and not interfere and all will be fine. It seems to be Washington alone wants war, not only with China but with many other regions around the world, and with the media management other western powers follow the same narrative as trumpeting and yearning for war.

  7. There is no need for Western preaching about the affairs of the Chinese people's own family. Self righteous western countries, especially those that launched World War II aggression!!

  8. The statement by the foreign ministers of the G7 gives a sense of chaos in time and space. The foreign ministers of these countries apparently thought they were living in the era of the Eight-Power Allied Forces more than 120 years ago. Today's world is no longer a world where imperialist powers can show off their power and do whatever they want on the land of China. Today's China is not the old China that was bullied and slaughtered more than 100 years ago by others. Their dream of continue being imperialist powers should be awakened!

  9. This turbulent world is now full of pretend state persons who siezes every opportunity to grand stand, who had never directed, fought, or suffered a war or destitution. God help us.

  10. In Taiwan, as in Ukraine, the West is flirting with disaster.

    The Guardian published an op-ed with that title, written by writer and BBC broadcaster Simon Jenkins.

    According to Jenkins, the actions of Western countries, primarily the United States, represent a "strategic ambiguity": on the one hand, Washington declares its readiness to provide military assistance to Taiwan, but on the other, it continues to support the "one China" principle.

    A similar uncertainty in the actions of the West, Jenkins believes, is observed in relation to the situation in Ukraine: the US and Britain are talking about the need to defeat the Russian Federation, but do not realize that the growing support of the Kyiv authorities leads to an even tougher reaction from Moscow.

    Can Russia really be counted on to put up with even more destruction of its troops without escalation? The West seems determined to keep Ukraine tied, hoping to delay a horrific penalty shootout.

  11. Anyone has the right to criticize china but this one country should keep it's mouth shut for the next 3 centuries regarding human rights and territorial aggression. No other country has carried out such evil acts on humans like German . They still have it in their genes and you can't change your genes.

  12. Nancy Pelosi, une allumette de 82 ans, s'est rendue à l'ile rebelle de Taiwan. Mission : Provocation à la Chine !

    Après le départ de l'allumette Pelosi, l'ile rebelle de Taiwan est encerclée par l'Armée de Libération. Un embargo de fait pendant trois jours. La marine américaine contemple la situation très loin de l'Ile de Taiwan !

    Le projet de visite de Taïwan par Pelosi n'est pas une bonne idée. C'est une idée dangereuse. Les militaires américains ne sont pas capables d'assurer sa sécurité du voyage. En revanche les militaires chinois ont lancé un exercice militaire au large de Taïwan. La voiture Bélière Pelosi risque d'allumer un conflit armé qui conduit à la retraite générale des militaires américains de l'Asie Pacifique.

    Pelosi's plan to visit Taiwan is not a good idea. This is a dangerous idea. The U.S. military is not able to ensure his safety from the trip. In contrast, the Chinese military has launched a military exercise off Taiwan. The Pelosi ram car is likely to ignite an armed conflict that leads to the general retreat of the US military from the Asia Pacific.


  13. Il existe deux solutions au problème de Taïwan. La solution politique est celle de UN PAYS DEUX SYSTÈMES. Taïwan suit l'exemple de Hong Kong pour le retour à la patrie. La solution militaire est celle de la Capitulation Sans condition du Régime Indépendantiste de Taïwan pour le retour de Taïwan à sa patrie. Les militaires de Taïwan refusent de se battre pour le Régime Indépendantiste de Taïwan. La Première Dame de Taïwan possède un plan de la fuite en cas de guerre. Celle-ci signale la libération de Taïwan.

    There are two solutions to the Taiwan problem. The political solution is one COUNTRY TWO SYSTEMS. Taiwan is following Hong Kong's lead for the return to the homeland. The military solution is that of the Unconditional Surrender of the Taiwan Independence Regime for the return of Taiwan to its homeland. Taiwan's military refuses to fight for Taiwan's independence regime. The First Lady of Taiwan has a plan to flee in case of war. It signals the liberation of Taiwan.


  14. Leave other countries to worry and deal with their own problems. Rather pay attention to your own problems and Germany that will freeze to death coming winter. German citizens cannot afford LNG delivered by vessel. Period but voting for this type politicians , citizens fully deserve whats coming their way.

  15. I am proWar , I fully support China takeover Taiwan even a high cost of lives. Taiwan is a strategic island and whoever took that island is higher strategic status in the situation of Indo Pacific war zone.
    This is a duel between China & America, if China wants to be respected as a true power of Asia,this battle should not be lost!
    I am sorry for the cost of lives but a short pain is better than a long one. Perhaps we can saving many lives in a long term, 50 years later when our grand children looking back, this was a war very worth to fight and dying for, they will gratitude our sacrificing !

  16. So Germany want to be less dependent on China? Have you asked VW, MB, Audi and BMW? I'm more worry about your citizens whether they can sustain the up coming winters yet this naive person playing fire. How funny!

  17. President Putin claimed a decade ago that Russia doesn't need to act on guidance from UNO and other organizations in dealing with its neighbors.
    China causes excess economic dependence and has claimed resources from not only the Oceanic regions of South East Asia but also from South America and parts of Africa.
    These trends might increase in the years ahead.

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