Chinese diplomat defends Beijing's military response to Pelosi's Taiwan visit | DW News

Chinese diplomat defends Beijing's military response to Pelosi's Taiwan visit | DW News

In an interview with DW Chief International Editor Richard Walker, Zhang Junhui, envoy of the People’s Republic of China in Berlin, defends Beijing’s military response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

As Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, departed Taipei Wednesday after meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen and making a “bedrock promise” that the United States will “always stand with Taiwan,” the island is preparing for China to respond with a massive show of military force. Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said in a statement that the military operations are “deterrence against the major escalation” by the US on the “Taiwan question.”

The last time China carried out a show of force of this magnitude near Taiwan was during the 1995-96 “Third Taiwan Strait Crisis,” which was a response to a US visit by Taiwan’s first democratically elected president, Lee Teng-hui.


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  1. How???? She was not carrying a bomb…. Overreaction. What about peace? How does he explain missiles that have landed in the Japanese economic zone.. This is dangerously close to firing on a country if a plane or ship is hit.

  2. As long as there is a lot of noises, everything is ok because you do not make useless warnings telling the opponent to prepare. So everything is safe. Just noises. All bark, no bite. A barking dog does not bite.

  3. am i missing something here why are the USA`s top diplomats sooo old .Pelosi is is 82 yrs old and bidon looks 102 yrs old . is this a strategy on behalf of the US to fool everyone into thinkig they are weak

  4. Never believe anything a member of CCP, they lie as a matter of tradition !
    If we had any credible leadership they would inform these CCP tough guys to put on their big boy pants and stop crying like little girls…

  5. America does not speak for countries all around the world. Lies. The talk of bullyboys. Stay out of Taiwan and leave China to their business. We know Americas strategy to annex Taiwan so that they can attack China. America are warmongers .a dangerous country.

  6. Every word from this Chinese state POS is a lie. He uses words which would imply things which are not true from a historical point of view. He's also playing on the vast majority which do not study history, let alone Chinese history. Taiwan didnt change government at any point, it is not a runaway rebellious province. It is the legitimate government of China prior to the Russian backed Communist take over. That war ended the way it did. Now China does not want a bunch of Chinese people in a seperate country showing that under a different democratic system of government people can have better more stable lives. Another example of autocratic states putting their own ownership of a country as a prime directive over the peoples lives.

  7. Routine? nothing about this is routine. I find is silly that the CCP is always saying they are not aggressive but over the last few years they are single handedly at fault for the increased tension seen in the SCS/ECS. The militarization of man-made islands by the PLA, the CCP ignoring The Hague ruling on Filipino islands, attacks on other international forces in open waters, the increased threats of WAR coming out of Beijing, and now the surrounding of Taiwan due to a visit. Beijing needs to stop increasing tensions with Taiwan, a diplomatic visit is not an accuse to use military coercion or inflict economic damage on Taiwan. Threathening Taiwan will only make more countries side with them as it makes China look like a bully of smaller nations.

  8. Old nanny Pelosi just wanted to provoke both China and North Korea, when she also purposely visited 38th line in South Korea. She wanted to create chaos in Asia to chase fund back to USA! Wake up EU, after USA instigating Ukraine War to ruin EU economy and currency, now they switch their focus to Asia. Stop letting USA playing everyone like puppet for its own gain!

  9. Endanger peace and security? One democratic country meeting another. Since when did we have countries telling other countries who they can and can't visit. Taiwan. Self ruling since the 1940's. That qualifies!

  10. China is going the wrong way , as usual they need more time like 1000 years to evolve into normalized thinking human beings they are what they eat.

  11. Pelosi is a brave woman. She should be supported by every democratic person.China is barbaric and imperialist country. Throw china out from UNO. China should be punished by 4o trillion dollar as compensation for victims of virus. China is responsible for biological warfare against humanity. Ccp is a threat to human civilization. World community should unite against Chinese aggression in Taiwan and India. Stop all trades with china. Isolate China from global community. Other countries should learn the lessons from srilanka, Pakistan, myanmar,nepal and laos. These countries first debt traped by virus and now facing civilwar.

  12. You know, the Americans never have diverged from the, "One China" policy (because Taiwanese themselves basically agree with this too, historically). So in that case, why does the PLA feel the need to throw a temper tantrum and threaten to destroy everything every time the US sends a delegation to visit and talk to Taipei? Ask yourself: who is the one who is being unreasonable in this case?

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