Amnesty International accuses Ukraine of endangering civilians | Ukraine latest

Amnesty International accuses Ukraine of endangering civilians | Ukraine latest

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has defended a report which claims Ukrainian forces are endangering civilians.

“Our researchers have observed Ukrainian forces basing themselves in schools, residential buildings, hospitals in close proximity to where civilians live, which of course endangers those civilians who live in these buildings. Such conduct is in violation of international law and puts civilians at risk,” Amnesty’s senior crisis adviser, Donatella Rovera, told DW.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Amnesty’s report “unfortunately tries to amnesty the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim.”


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  1. If Amnesty International can't do better then to make misleading claims against countries that are being victimised by aggressors of a kind prooving time and again to bear no conscience what so ever, this today being obvious wether sivilians, own population, or possibly what any life but own lifes are concerned, then Amnesty International prooves with the kind of behavior that this "investigation" represents to be so totally off any sound mandate associated with its name, that measures should be taken to deny it its present name. Such measures, how ever, will never be actual shall the kind of nations that Amnesty International seems now to contribute to some legitimation of prevail, as truth represents the very last asset to protect, in fact the very first risk to avoid, within them. Worse is that is it to be a habit to rise concerns as to wether an attacked nation is following the rules of war while its adversory is controlling a fifth of the attacked nation and is expanding its war efforts, then to contribute to legitimation of brute force as rule enough is what it is. Besides, asking the obviously unjustly imprisoned "your guilt, then, what shall we do about that," will that ever be at its place, Amnesty International or not.

  2. I would of course be worried if the report was false. This attitude that victims are saints is just but insane. The President of Ukraine is trying to play victim to a war that he is actively participating. When the how part of the war is scrutinized and certain acts condemned on the fact that they transgress international law then the president cries foul and advances the victim narrative. If you sit down with Putin, he will also find reason to make one believe that Russia is a victim of NATO Plans that are trying to inhibit their state by bringing the Orange Revolution to Russian doorsteps. This position will never exonerate Russia for what it did. Ukraine has the right to defend itself and must do so within the confines of international law, Period. This whole idea of wanting us to hear no evil and see no evil can just be a figment of false entitlement. America is known for fighting dictatorships but also are known for creating and supporting some like Mobutu in Africa. Such double dealing has no place in international laws. Winston Churchill said "Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance may deride it, Malice may distort it, Panic may resent it," but it still is the truth not because of how we feel about it. The Actor President must sober up and make good decisions and statements based upon sound judgement within the confines of international law. Anything beyond this will be criticized for what it is.

  3. Totally bias reporter, interrupting, cutting, stopping the response. Truth is not what you want to hear young lady, truth is stating the facts and learning to discern afterwards. Learn to listen and then become a reporter!

  4. Wenn es so ausgenutzt wird , muss es als Menschenrechtsverletzungen behandelt werden. Man kennt es unter, Menschliche- Schutzschilde. Aber was erwartet man im Krieg? Schauen sie sich Bilder von Dt.-Städten 1945 an. So wird es in der Ukraine 2027 auch aus sehen, wenn es nach Selenskyj geht.

  5. On 6:54 of video. How Amnesty International dares to says such a absurd comment/report. Even the ukranian military were keeping distance from residential/civilians, so what the agressor has been done so far??? If the argument is the military units is localized at the same city, you put the victims' citizens in risk??? Or should the victim's country/nation, in this case, UKRAINE apologize to agressor country ??? Did you see russians avoiding artillery on exclusive residential/civilian areas ??? Always Russia alledged that was military units in the same building like maternity hospitals, schools, shopping centers, all exclusively civilians ??? HYPOCRISY HAS LIMT !!!
    What led Amnesty International to issue this unfair report that "violates international law", being in favor of Putin's Russia ???

  6. The Ukrainian military needs to do what they can to defend themselves and protect their country. If civilians choose not to evacuate after they've been asked to evacuate, then that's their choice, that's not the military doing things to purposely endanger them.

  7. On 7:16 of video. How many times have you, Donatella Rovera as the member of Amnesty International have you helped or asked in favour of Ukranian military units were spending efforts to evacuate civilians when Russia never stopped the attack to them??? Are you good at just critizice, but to do any concrete action, you are void/null/inexistent???

  8. On the same 7:16 of video. Should the Ukranian Army be isolated from cities or even being in a very isolated forest??? How far should the Ukranian Army be distant from civilian population??? 30 Km, 50 Km from civilian population. Say it, clear. Don't be dishonest intelectually, please. Donatella Rovera, be clear !!! Have you taken any day of your life in weapon to combat or defend your country ???

  9. on 10:41 of video. If you cannot speak for Oxana, isn't your responsibility to revise the accuracy of the content of report ??? Why do you, Donatella Rovera, try to exempt yourself from the responsibility of the report ??? You are accountable, too.

  10. What's next Amnesty?! Blame the people of Ukraine for being in the way of Russian bullets?!
    How has Russia been treating captured civilians?! How about that?!

  11. This comment section is cancerous. Whether you're being invaded or not, you are not supposed to place your troops along with civilians and no I'm not saying that the Kiev regime ever was peaceful or humane, one cannot look at their actions in Donbass and call it humane.

  12. it is also very important to undersand that Amnesty here is AGAIST UKRIANE, and the evidence of this is in the report, in fact thereport is this evidence.
    When the IRAQIS did this, placed military targets indide schools and hospitals, then it was never an issue, and USA was wrong in bombing thses, now it is RUSSIAN bombs, but since Amensty is Pro Putin, they can say that is is wrong, so they then blame Ukriane.

    If They blamed USA when the Iraqis did this, and now blame the Ukrianinans, then rhis is all the evidence needed to 100% say AMNESTY IS POR RUSSIAN AND A PRO RUSSIAN PLOTICAL ENTITY, or else they would never have a "politytical" undetone to a report.

    if is wrong of ukriane, when they supported by the wast, and it was NOT WRONG in iraaq when Iraq did not have the support of the wast, then we are left with Amesty= support from west = BAD

    This is why it is the duty of ebery humane and freedom loving person to boycot this facist orginization

  13. Kieth Woods: "russian" oligarchs.
    Igor Kolomoisky.

    Great russian famine, Holodomor, Famine in Khazakhstan, Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda, Aron Solts, Filipp Goloshchyokin, Yakov Yurovsky, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Naftaly Frenkel, Salomon Morel, Helena Brus.

  14. In order to maintain the semblance of being unbiased and neutral, AI has to publish reports every now and then that are at least slightly critical of the West resp. its allies. How would it look if AI only condemned the West's enemies, and never critized its own side? Not good for credibility, hence not good for global publicity. This demonstration of petty-minded outrage by Western media isn't quite strategic…

  15. As one of many contributors to the Amnesty Int'l Foundation by mail, I disagree with the media critique of Ukraine's president. He's in one whale of a predicament with his country under constant attack by a maniac in Moscow. How can anybody expect Zalinsky to run everything perfectly? My donations to A.I. will increase.

  16. Ukrainian City’s, Towns Taken by Russia

    Donetsk, Horlivka, Debaltseve, Dokuchaievsk, Yenakiieve, Zhdanivka, Khrestivka , Makiivka, Snizhne, Chystiakove, Khartsyzk, Shakhtarsk Ridkodub, Yasynuvata, Bulavynske, Vuhlehirsk, Oleksandrivske, Olenivka, Vesela Dolyna, Danylove, Illinka, Kamianka, Bulavyne, Hrozne, Kaiutyne, Vozdvyzhenka, Krasnyi Pakhar, Stupakove, Savelivka, Debaltsivske, Komuna, Kalynivka, Lohvynove, Novohryhorivka, Nyzhnie Lozove, Sanzharivka, Olkhovatka, Pryberezhne, Dolomitne, Travneve, Lozove,, Andriivka, Dolia, Liubivka, Malynove, Molodizhne, Novomykolaivka, Nova Olenivka, Petrivske, Chervone, Pikuzy, Kreminets, Luhanske, Oleksandrivka, Staromykhailivka Syhnalne, Vesele, Bétmanove, Krasnyi Partyzan, Mineralne, Spartak, Yakovlivka, Kruta, Balka, Kashtanove, Lozove, Vasylivka Luhansk,Alchevsk,Antratsy,tBrianka, Holubivka, Khrustalnyi, Sorokyne, Pervomaisk, Rovenky, Dovzhansk, Kadiivka, Sokilnyky, Berezivske, Holubivske, Zholobok, Kalynove, Kalynove-Borshchuvate, Kruhlyk, Molodizhne, Mius, Novooleksandrivka, Chornukhyne, Zolote, Burchak-Mykhailivka, Lobacheve, Mykolaivka, Sukhodil Sevastopol. Donetsk. Horlivka, Debaltseve, Dokuchaievsk, Yenakiieve, Zhdanivka, Khrestivka, Makiivka, Snizhne,Torez, Khartsyzk, Shakhtarsk, Yasynuvata, Bakhmut, Bulavynske, Vuhlehirsk, Oleksandrivske, Olenivka, Vesela Dolyna, Danylove, Illinka, Kamianka, Ridkodub, Bulavyne, Hrozne, Kaiutyne, Vozdvyzhenka, Stupakove, Savelivka, Debaltsivske, Kalynivka, Lohvynove, Novohryhorivka, Nyzhnie, Lozove, Sanzharivka, Olkhovatka, Pryberezhne, Andriivka, Dolia, Liubivka, Malynove, Molodizhne, Novomykolaivka, Olenivka, Petrivske, Chervone, Kreminets, Luhanske, Oleksandrivka, Staromykhailivka, Syhnalne, Khreshchatytske, Novoazovsk, Huselshchykove, Kozlivka, Samsonove, Siedove aka: Kryva Kosa, Obryv, Bezimenne, Vedenske, Kachkarske, Mytkovo-Kachkari Roza, Kozatske, Porokhnia, Shevchenko, Kulykove, Verkhnoshyrokivske, Prymorske, Naberezhne Pervomaiske, Sosnivske, Ukrainske, Hrechani Pody, Vesele, Kuznetsi, Markyne, Patriotychne, Kholodne, Samiilove, Vaniushkyne, Klynkyne, Kovske, Shcherbak Sakhanka, Azov, Uzhivka, Khomutove, Bessarabka, Vitava, Siedovo-Vasylivka, Boikivskii, Bohdanivka, Vershynivka, Volia, Hrekovo-Oleksandrivka, Hryhorivka, Dersove, Zaporozhets, Zelenyi Hai Zernove, Zori, Ivanivka, Bilokrynýchne, Kaplany, Konkove, Kotliarevske, Maiórove, Kuznetsovo-Mykhailivka, Lukove, Mykolaivka, Mykhailivka, Michurine, Nova Marivka, Novooleksandrivka, Oleksándrivske, Chyrylianske, Pervomaiske, Petrivske, Lavrýnove, Rozivka, Sadky, Samsonove, Svobodne, Tavrycheske, Boikivske, Ternivka, Cherevkivske, Chumak, Shevchenko, Vesele, Bétmanove, Mineralne, Spartak, Yakovlivka, Kruta Balka, Kashtanove, Lozove, Luhansk, Alchevsk, Antratsyt, Brianka, Holubivka, Khrustalnyi, Sorokyne, Pervomaisk, Rovenky, Dovzhansk, Kadiivka, Sorokyne, Sokilnyky, Berezivske, Holubivske, Zholobok, Kalynove, Kalynove-Borshchuvate Kruhlyk, Molodizhne Mius, Novooleksandrivka, Chornukhyne, Dovzhánsk, Burchak-Mykhailivka, Lobacheve, Mykolaivka,

  17. Disgusted by Amnesty International. The authors of this report have shown themselves to be naive in the extreme to the realities of war and have at the same time destroyed what little remained of Amnesty's credibility.

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