Europe's farmers look to a future of long-term drought | DW Business

Europe's farmers look to a future of long-term drought | DW Business

Much of Europe has suffered through repeated heat-waves in recent weeks. And that’s hit economies hard, whether through reduced river-traffic, dried-up farm fields or destructive wildfires. It’s a taste of what warming temperatures could bring the continent in the years ahead.
Southern Europe in particular is vulnerable to climate change. A map from the World Wildlife Fund shows the water scarcity risk across Europe over the next 30 years.
According to the WWF, the number of Euoropeans living in regions of water scarcity will gradually increase. In Spain, Italy and elsewhere across the Mediterranean, that’s a problem.
According to the WWF, the number of people living in water-scarce regions in Europe will increase by 50 percent by 2050.
The threat of drought is likely to grow, along with its impact. That’s bad news for farmers. Here in Germany they are eyeing a poorer harvest than usual. High temperatures and low rain levels are only part of the problem.


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  1. Extreme heat, drought and water scarcity are a very common problem in countries like India and Africa, which are situated near the equator……But, I can’t even believe that there is heat and drought across Europe…..India is a tropical country but Europe comes under the temperate climate zone……I wish that modern scientists must put their intelligence to work to resolve this drought like conditions across Europe, before situations go out of control..

  2. all the bottle water companies around-the-clock and the cattle rangers around the world are to be blame !! all the wonderful unground water fom the last ice age all squandered!!

  3. The problem is way bigger than some people is think about it. The agrotechnolgy cant solve this any more, massive 40 degree long term heat waves. We all lose living habitat for rapidly soon. This is just the begining. Too much co2 in the athmosphere to stop this.

  4. Coldest summer i can remeber, this year here in Portugal. We only had 3 or 4 days of high temperatures, usual during summer, espcially when wind blows from North (during the Day), but not extreme ones. Not at all. What is this histeria?

  5. The drought is caused by deforestation and fracking both of which keep water deep in the earth and away from the biosphere ,The main cause of deforestation is the livestock industry and the palm oil industry ,This deforestation is funded by the meat and palm oil we buy, Please stop buying these products and plant trees

  6. I used to moan my head off that I was born in Britain as we have 80 seoson,s in a hour and especially in Scotland we hardly get a summer now I'm delighted to be here we have plenty water plenty fertile soil and some sun to grow crops o tell you watt good old Britain will never dry up

  7. After delaying response, mitigation for decades, the question of how to survive a water reckoning still not even close to a solution. Unfortunately this implies much more than no lawns in Southwest U.S. People with generations of more people will migrate only to find, the water necessary for life is not even there.

  8. Fuel shortages; water shortages; food shortages! Wouldn't surprise me if a new eastern block forms and decides to hang with Vlad for the sake of not having riots. Will that be a de facto revival of the USSR?

  9. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “The Hour will not come until money is abundant and abundant, until a man gives zakat on his money and does not find anyone to accept it from him, and until the land of the Arabs returns to meadows and rivers.”

  10. Something is getting missed. Any effort to grow plants more able to handle high heat & or less water is merely a temporary effort, because the situation will continue to get worse as world temps rise, as climate change continues to be ignored. Unless MIT's space inflatable geo-engineering to block 1.4% sunlight is done, we're toast!

  11. The ancient Prophet Elijah prayed to the ALMIGHTY GOD to shut the windows of the mighty Heavens, and it didn't rain for weeks! He later prayed for rain again and rains came pouring down !

    We can exercise that same power through Our Mighty Lord Jesus Christ through faith!!!


  12. The world hasn't realized how the environment is changing. For years the glaciers have been retreating. The world countries are now having drought conditions for years. It's time that world countries start investing in desalination plants and other options for creating water.

  13. 2000 hector farm !!! If 6feet x 6 feet dig up man made pools or small lakes are made in every hector , that is 2000 pools of 6 feet x 6 feet all over this enormous farm , what will be the result ? !!! Every rain will fill them up several times in the rainy season . Can that mini system make a difference to drought if it does not rain in one year ! How many floods were there last few years . If only this mini irrigation system was in place , we could have prevented drought . Can we do it Now . the snow water in winter can accumulate in them and keep the soil moist for the next few months .

  14. It's strange that 75% of the planet is water! Environmental activists seem to just focus on the problems but they seem to be bereft of solutions. The biggest culprits who are contributing to climate change are developed Western countries but what these Western minede environmentalists want now is stopping less developing countries from producing more CO2. What they really want less developing countries from reproducing basing their philosophy on Malthusian theory but which has now been debunked.

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