Taiwan FM Joseph Wu: China 'seems to be preparing for a war against Taiwan' | DW Interview

Taiwan FM Joseph Wu: China 'seems to be preparing for a war against Taiwan' | DW Interview

In an exclusive interview with DW’s Richard Walker and Tsou Tzung-Han, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu strongly criticized China’s recent military activities and stressed Taiwan’s right to protect its territory. “The Chinese military threat is there,” said Wu, who met DW in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. “We’ll continue to beef up our defense capabilities so that we can defend ourselves.”

Richard Walker and Tsou Tzung-Han asked Wu how concerned he is that China could invade Taiwan, how Taiwan is preparing for such a scenario and whether he sees any scope for negotiations.


00:00 Introduction
00:25 What is China trying to achieve?
01:58 War of words between Taiwan and China
02:49 Taiwan Strait and demarcation line
09:10 Nancy Pelosi’s visit
11:48 Assessment of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
15:33 Taiwan’s military spending
19:55 Ambiguity on the US position
25:18 The long-term dream of Independence

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  1. Bullshits Joseph Wu, Taiwan is part of China and the whole world 181 countries have signed and witnessed in UNGA adopted under 2758 Resolution. Since Taiwan is not a country but a province of China and US president, Richard Nixon have signed officially with the Chinese Government for the one China-US Policy Agreement and three Shanghai Communiques. In these three communiques No current US officials are allowed to visit Taiwan inclusive Nancy Pelosi, no deadly and offensive military weapons are allowed to sell to Taiwan. US intervene, provoke and contain China Taiwan is illegal and violating this China-US Policy Agreement. US Government don't even own One Square meter of land in Taiwan and why are they so barbaric to interfere into China Taiwan sovereign rights. US must lay your hand off as China got 270 Hypersonic Ballistic and Earth Orbit Missiles (DF-41 and DF-51) together with 30 each Hydrogen Ballistic Missiles and Thermonuclear Mushrooms at 25 Mach can reach all US 50 provinces in 30 minutes.

  2. Man this is terrible whos gonna make our cookware and electronics now?? americas mad at china america sleeps with both of them and is allied with Taiwan this is a tricky one

  3. The header I clicked on stated China had a global ambition. Well, the U.S. has had and implemented a global ambition for years. That's why they are in every countries backyard making sure they get their way dictating policy that fits their narrative. Did not the U.S. acknowledge that Taiwan belong to mainland China some thirty years ago?

  4. China has NO respect for anyone, anything, any LIFE in the entire World. They devastate all life where they go for a few dollars. The Oceans, African wildlife, take your pick. They need to be stopped.
    Stop Buying Chinese seafood. They are killing everything……

  5. Support for Taiwanese Democracy and Ukrainian Democracy from India.
    Wu should've also iterated the Chinese Dictatorial regime violating Indian sovereignty for ages and annexation of the North-Eastern Kashmir and part of the Arunachal Pradesh from India since 1962 after great annexation of sovereign Tibet.

  6. Taiwan belongs to China – simple as that ! Read the history on how the Chinese escaped to Taiwan when Mao won .Taiwan can justify all they want but that is not changing the history .

    Of course China has to show her power – nothing wrong with it , esp Taiwan is defiant in the one-China policy . China had been waiting PATIENTLY for reconciliation btn Taiwan n China ,but Taiwan is still reluctant- why should China b patient forever .. if love doesn’t work ,TOUGH love need to take over .

  7. Pelosi has not business going go Taiwan – sticking her nose into a domestic issue . She should spend her effort to solve the growing homeless problems in her own state . Shame on Polesi! You did it for your own legacy !

    If democracy is that great an ideology why are they so many problems in America ? Common America – show off to us only if you are successful in your own backyards !

  8. No kidding, this guy speaks to my worry about the spread of authoritarianism. I mean, where's the strong core of democracy now? You have a bit in Europe, a tiny bit in east Asia, nowhere in the middle east, a tiny tiny bit in Africa, barely anything in south America, and in USA it starts to crumble. It's a very dangerous time.

  9. I was watching Australia's new F-35s at RAAF Williamtown yesterday. FA/18s look like antiques!
    Despite the cost, I think with a force of F-35s & Gen 4+ fighters , the Indo-Pacific partners have superiority.

  10. The failing Russia situation in Ukraine will start to effect the Chinese and the Chinese economy is not doing so good and will most probably go into resesion. Additionally the Iran situation is not going to be in the interest of China. It appears BRICS may develop fundamental membership issues. Taiwan may not be a Chinese priority.

  11. They don't want to invade, or they would have done so by now, they just want to be re-assured regarding the status quo. Negotiation is required for this situation to have a peaceful resolution
    Pelosi is using Taiwan for her own ends. Not necessarily good for Taiwan.

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