Why the US thinks OPEC lends Russia a hand | DW News

Why the US thinks OPEC lends Russia a hand | DW News

At its monthly meeting this week, the OPEC cartel and its allies, which include Russia, moved to cut their combined daily production of crude oil by 2 million barrels per day (bpd). That’s about 2% of global oil output. OPEC+ produces around 40% of the globe’s crude.

It’s the largest reduction since a midpandemic cut in 2020, and comes just two months ahead of the European Union’s planned embargo on Russian oil.

It’s also an affront to US President Joe Biden, who this summer made a controversial visit to Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s largest oil-exporting nation and the group’s de facto leader.

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  1. This American administration is its own worst enemy. The Biden White House cancelled a large fighter purchase by Saudi Arabia earlier after the deal had already been done. Saudis didn’t appreciate it and failure to mention that doesn’t make it go away.

  2. Our friends? What ever Opec lead by Saudi says, no.

    Fuel has always been a political issue and deeply intertwined with military actions.

    Saudi has taken full advantage of the Ukraine war to lead OPEC into a massive hype of oil prices and is directly responsible for the very considerable current world wide inflation.

    It's the middle and working classes of the world who must pay the price.

    The only other beneficiaries are Putin and his henchmen.

  3. "The DarkSide of Nato is making a Putin assassination scheme, it was prepared through Australia aimed at the BALI Summit" Nato Make Kanjuruhan Incident, Sambo Incident, In justice killing people just to divert the issue when every night the Australian F35 plane is pacing in Bali Air… and Bali doesn't have S400 Radar, S300 radar, Thaad Radar… so no aware of it

  4. The U S sales gas to European countries in very high prices the OPEC can sales oil above today prices for the very reach countries like South Korea, Japan, U S, U K , Germany and many more European countries too U S do that why OPEC can't do

  5. OPEC is simply taking the side of the people that controls energy and the west is no longer the top-dog of energy production.

    US and the collective west need to understand they need to start producing energy on their own and don't be dependant on others. The countries that controls energy, controls the world, and the west no longer controls energy.

  6. Because Russia and Saudi Arabia are trying to hurt Biden and the democrats. Russia doesn't like Biden giving Ukraine all this money and equipment to beat them in the war, and MBS doesn't like that the US acknowledge him as the culprit in the murder of that journalist. So they're going to try and hurt all of us at the pump. This is what happens when you do business with bad guys. But when the bad guys have the resources we have no choice but to either abide by what they do or take a stand and pay a price.

  7. It’s simple !! World wide countries don’t want to get involved in this war but almighty USA will let u pick a side. And like the old folks said, it’s dangerous to be an enemy of US but fatal to be its friend.

  8. Most of the interviews on this channel are like:

    Presenter: And we have brought on this expert to explain this complicated and important topic
    [Expert starts talking]
    Presenter: That's all the time we have sir, we were hoping for a ten second soundbite for Tik Tok.

  9. Let's take a closer look: OPEC are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Libia, Kwait, Nigeria, Angola, Gabon, Congo, E.Guinea and Venezuela. It'd come as no surprise if they align with Russia…

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