Should Europe stop trading with China? | DW Business Special

Should Europe stop trading with China? | DW Business Special

The EU has had its fingers burnt by Russia. A collapse in relations left it having to urgently untangle its trading relationship with Moscow. Now European leaders are wondering if they will need to do the same with China. Countries like Germany are at odds with Beijing on many ideological issues that could pose a future diplomatic threat. So is it best to begin unpicking their intertwined import and export markets now? We discuss that question and more with China watcher Clifford Coonan.


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  1. Germany is a disgrace to the whole free world. The Air Bus contract is stained with blood from Mr. Peng and many other Chinese who were executed simply because of protesting against Xi's dictatorship.

  2. Germany specifically has to reduce its dependency on China rather than the overall EU. They should look at alternatives including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines and others to diversify their supply chain risk.

  3. The Germans have no ethics whatsoever. They hop into bed with Russia and China for the quick money, no matter the risk. They resent the US for investing in Germany’s defense. The US should stop investing in NATO and Europe and let them deal with the consequences of partnering with authoritarians that want to destroy Europe.

  4. "Should Europe stop trading with China?". I think so, like stopping buying the electrical heating blankets for the winter. There is a Chinese saying, life is eating bitterness. Europe should eat some bitterness.

  5. The EU is incapable of learning. It's only a matter of time before China tries to leverage trade as a weapon in the same way Russia did. The hippie dream of world peace through trade with autocratic powers who share none of our values is dead. Scholz is a weak leader and Germany will lose its leadership position very soon.

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  7. This 5-year-old US-Federal-Court document provides guidelines for Germany , Japan, and Korea, to unlock the century-old Anglo-American choke-holds under the false pretexts of "War-Reparations", which has burdened four generations of Germans & Japanese, & Koreans, who were NOT even born before WW-2. Search;;; (“ 1979 US Embassy Hostages in Iran ”)

  8. Should Europe stop trading with China:
    – Who's Europe and who's China? EU, individual country, its government, business, or individual?
    – What kind of trades? Export, import, food, energy, tourism or what?
    – Who can make the call? Are you representing someone without consent?
    Vague questions lead to vague answers, leaving room for endless manipulation.

  9. When will you realize?

    Throughout history, Europe has depended on other countries and continents, due to Europe's very minimal natural resources.

    In the past, Europe fulfilled its needs by colonizing other countries, but after the second world war, Europe relied on neocolonialism by becoming the lap dog of US hegemony.

    It's just that US hegemony cannot work in powerful countries like Russia and China.

    When the world is moving towards a multipolar era, US hegemony will be destroyed, Europe will return to a dark era if it does not immediately abandon the exceptionalism mindset and work together with other nations for common prosperity.

    Europe has lost Russia's cheap energy source, will Europe survive without cooperating with China?

    Will Europe be able to live in the "America first" policy?


  11. The population of EU is about 447 million. All the economies of the countries in EU are pretty well the same and do not complement each other. As such it has to trade. The main problem is Europeans always consider everything as zero sum games. So the increase of China trade with non European countries are considered a threat to EU. Another problem is the "rule base order" and "democracy and human rights". There are 194 countries in the world and the irony is Europeans keep pushing for democracy but cannot except differences in political systems. And how democratic it is that the "rule base order" is made by less than 20 European countries amongst 194 countries?

  12. Yes! It is not sustainable in the long run. It leads to increasing unhealthy consumption and pointless depletion of the earth's resources. It keeps getting to a point where new low wage countries have to be found. Driven by the pursuit of profits that disregard morality or human rights, it favors injustice. It should instead be regulated to the benefit of global prosperity and democratic development. As it is today, part of the profit ends up in the wrong hands and this has security policy consequences. Higher requirements should be placed on exporting and importing countries and on products that are imported through legislation.

  13. in the 18th century, China which was the largest economy in the world make the decision to not trade with the West, believing this would keep them safe from "barbarians". this didn't stop the Western "barbarians" from trading with the rest of the World and dominating the World a century later followed by a century of humiliation for China. today US and EU is making the same choice China made 3 century ago. a failure to realise that just because you don't trade with China, doesn't mean the rest of the World won't, and in the end, only the side that refuses to trade end up as the loser.

  14. International rules of law on trade has been agreed upon by the World Trade Organization. Adhering to these laws and ensuring continuous dialogue and mutual understanding by all parties is probably the most productive way to go for the well-being of the international community.

  15. Manufacturing is an extremely complicated endeavor. It requires armies of specialized and well trained engineers with advance college degrees. The West lost these skills to China decades ago and to get it back requires the training of millions of new college graduates into stem degrees that are extremely difficult yet pays very little. Not to mention the environmental and pollution that the West would now have to deal with. Manufacturing is a very low paying, difficult. and highly disastrous for the environment. There is a reason the West moved all that manufacturing to China in the first place. The amount of environmental lawsuits alone would scare any Western company from moving manufacturing back to the West.

  16. This is very true, it should be very fast, because what China earns from Europe is given to Russia for Oil, Russia disturbs Europe, China gives Northkorea missile technology and money to disturb South Korea, Japan and the west .This is out of sales China has got from sales in Europe. The same money goes to buy oil from Iran , Iran gains and disturbs Israel and the west. Taiwan and south China sea countries are crying of an enriched China by the west, Africa and South America, GCC. Decoupling is very essential for greater peace

  17. Scholz is a disgrace. Clearly not able to learn from the errors with Russia. It is time for near -sourcing not deeper relations with Autocratic regimes such as China.

  18. EU needs China far…far more than China Sneeds EU !! EU put on hold the Investment Agreement with China…China don't even care….because it is a loss for Europe!! China's trade with ASEAN countries has already surpassed that of EU. With current great success in China-Arab States, there are great success in trade opportunity for China!! EU can freeze domestically with gas price going through the sky and they can stop all Airbus, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz operations

  19. I Am Chinese, I tell you, do not consider, give up! Why not give up cooperation or trade with China? What is there to discuss? Are you going to convince the Chinese or the Europeans? It's really confusing. It's ridiculous to want to talk about it with such prejudice and discrimination. The Way You're struggling, it's ridiculous. Scold China for a long time, but still buy cheap things, how so cheap. Get Out of China, go, go, go, go. Continue to rely on your American father, at least he gave you big mouth, take your business, you are still happy to accept.

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