Bomb explosion rocks crowded street in central Istanbul | DW News

Bomb explosion rocks crowded street in central Istanbul | DW News

A bomb blast in Istanbul has killed at least six people and wounded dozens more. The explosion ripped through a cowded pedestrian street near Taksim Square in the city center. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the attack appears to be terrorism – and has vowed to punish the bombers. No group has yet said it was behind the explosion. Groups including Kurdish separatists and Islamist militants have previously targeted Istanbul and other Turkish cities.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. It bothers me that “The YouTube community” has deemed this report too disturbing to be seen without clicking through a waiver. What kind of over sensitive people could think this report contains material that’s beyond the pale? This is the tamest report of a bombing that I have ever seen. YouTube needs to grow up.

  2. Turkey was sending a terrorist to India via Russia a few months ago.

    The terrorist was caught in our friend country Russia.

    If you feed a snake (Terrorists) in your backyard thinking it will harm others not you then you are very wrong bro.

  3. This is why Turkey wants the west usa Sweden as well as Finland to stop financing these terrorist groups. Until the west stop creating terrorists for their own political agenda, we will never have a world of peace and terrorism free

  4. A terrible act the bombing, if the woman was involved then Turks have been wise to have already stated they believe she may be miscombobulated from war and manipulated via poverty induced by rich countries going into debt to further poverty and manipulation in places such as Syria.

    Following this measured action by Turkey, hope is they are working out the intelligent path forward, if she may receive an UN lawyer to help ascertain if she performed the duties under miscombobulation by forces in Syria and poverty by forces in the West.

  5. This is a planned attack by USA and NATO. Turkey public denied the condolences of US ambassador and bashed US for its involvement. The have captured others of the sabotage group and they were ready to fly to Greece after the attack.

  6. Obviously the American planned the attack. The attack was carried out by American proxy in Syria. The gang that American accomplished to rob Syrian oil . Turkish Interior minister reject US embassy condolences. That's will tell who carried out.

  7. The American embassy in Istanbul asked for your condolences, but the president said that " WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR CONDOLENCES ".. Turkiye knows who is financing and supporting terrorism

  8. Istanbul's airports are full, people come from everywhere, what's wrong here 2 days ago, 4 russian nightclubs raided in antalya Arabs rape, Americans detonate bombs, Russians raid a nightclub WHAT A COUNTRY!

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