Why is Russia agreeing to a declaration condemning its own war in Ukraine? | DW News

Why is Russia agreeing to a declaration condemning its own war in Ukraine? | DW News

The missile blast in Poland also sparked concern at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. The leaders gathered there urged a thorough investigation into the incident.

The group of 20 leading economies ended their summit on Wednesday with a joint declaration saying that most members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine. They also warned that the conflict was making an already delicate world economy worse. The declaration was adopted unanimously which means that Russia also signed off on it.

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  1. Just to prove that western media is not pulling stuff out of it's butt like as usual, It would have been nice to actually show Lavrov condemning Russian war. Or at least show Lavrov supporting statement that condemn the war.

    It any case, you'd find that they are in favour of this war ending and they see the west as a party that started this war and prolonging this war.

  2. This meeting was a complete failure..they are talking about economics.. Lavrov left early ..and followed the orders of the Kremlin. This shows exactly the incompetence of the leaders to come to a statement which was acceptable. The same did happen in Egypt..they are not able to solve the problems.

  3. Because they never intended on war, they were very clear about why they attacked with a small group. It's NATO who has taken no actions to de-escalate and is clearly pushing for nuclear war.

  4. Russia really knows war won't benefit anybody in the end.
    But they need to to do it because a person had violated the aggreements and didn't think throughly and exhausted all means not to start the war.

  5. Glory to Russia we support Russia big time in middle east and Asia and Africa we love Russia and his excellent mr president Vladimir Putin we respect him very much coz he fights for the truth

  6. Russia cannot be isolated anytime soon instead the west can find themselves isolated big time if they continue with their rudeness or threatening other nations with nonsense sanctions like they always do

  7. Russia is aware that the world is impacted, and surely it would want peace… but it cannot let the Ukraine oppress Russians. So it is in a quandery. Certainly, the Ukraine cannot accept that it should lose part of its territory, but Russia cannot accept that it should leave Russians defenceless

  8. Success is not built on success. It's built on failure, It's built on fraustration. it's built on fear that you have to overcome. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  9. why do we keep saying "china" this and "china does not trust" that. It's Xi. It's Putin, it's Scholz. There's no such thing as (country name) thinks. That would mean the countries citizens (the inhabitants) doesn't trust or thinks that way, but it doesn't include its citizens. It's just the leaders. Imo we should use the leader's names as reprensentatives of each country. But not as in countries themselves as long as it doesn't include its citizens to represent the actual country.

  10. Cut the non-sense! EU act are just contra-productive< the reasons for "special military operation" stated and the feedback is just NOT real to fullfill the everage level brain. Sorry we not babysit people, eighter come along with the majority or left behind, Oldstyle is just Outdated. All want equality not yo be dollar and vassals slave. Let"s go….

  11. 2007 At Europen Security Forum was the last NATO had a chance to prevent the war…why negotiate when you have troops on flank (Hungary and Bulgaria) and front (Poland and Baltic states)… and two Operations in the middle east…that's not counting support Operations in Syria, Egypt, and Libya…we had the upper hand but now what

  12. Europe will push for a war that will destroy them, as they are not looking good now and they will have to fight as the people are seeing their leaders failure's, in getting involved in a war that had nothing what so ever to do with them. Funny how the Americans can sit at home and use the foolish people of Europe to do their fighting. Losers .

  13. Republicans won the election, and now Biden needs republican support to get his agenda passed. However republicans have declared China as their main enemy so now, Russian declaration is a pretext to moving the war eastwards or towards south east Asia to block China. There will be a ceasefire and US and it western allies will turn it's attention towards destroying smaller countries in south east Asia after completely Pumping Zelensky and destroying his country

  14. To whom does Russia says to stop the war. Why do they kill innocent people and not ashamed to participate in G20.
    Ukraine is only defending themselves. Russia has to Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop war

  15. I say let it collapse. I guess the earthquake in Indonesia the other day and the religious people in Alabama demonizing everybody when aiabama politicians had mistresses and child trafficking interests.

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