Human rights concerns hang over World Cup in Qatar | DW News

Human rights concerns hang over World Cup in Qatar | DW News

With less than two days to go until kickoff in the controversial World Cup in Qatar, the human rights situation in the emirate is still considered poor. There have been changes, but do they go far enough?

The situation of migrant workers in Qatar has attracted particularly intense criticism in recent years. Numerous journalists and non-governmental organizations have traveled to the country, documenting the sometimes hellish living and working conditions in shelters and on construction sites.


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  1. bro but why this so much hate on Qatar you could talk about the crimes of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel in Palestine. The West should not talk about human rights before they do it in their own countries.

  2. I am so happy on their losses with Ecuador since they abused human rights while building their stadiums. So many Asian people including ~250 Nepalese died and Qatar didn’t pay any penny for them and still, they don’t have any regrets and sympathy on those who lost their lives. They are the sinful deeds and they aren’t human beings period.

  3. Qatar should be called out for it’s human rights. However M-E Engineers built the stadium and should be held equally responsible for using slave labor and ignoring human rights. It won’t because the deal is good for America.

  4. As a German I am now a little torn. The right thing to do would have been to boycott the tournament. At least the DFB now says that Neuer will wear the rainbow captain's arm band, fines or no fines. But I would like to see the German players with a banner "Human Rights" as they did before when lining up for the National Anthems before a game. That would be a statement and both. corrupt FIFA and the Qatar dictators would surely become livid over it. I hope that in games of likeminded countries, both teams would take a knee or find some other form of collective protest. Nothing will bring the dead back but one can not stand by tacitly approving of this horrible regime.

  5. Why Qatar was given the opportunity to host despite knowing the discrimination done on workers …rich country but a totally loser pettiness at heart ,seriously so rich but also want to exploit workers ? I feel like they are poor despite being rich coz only a poor at heart person will take the workers wage ..very shameful

  6. for those seeking human rights
    get a reality check
    the world doesn't work like your environment where you could live a normal life
    people are fighting for their lives
    and if you think otherwise you're just stuck in a bubble

  7. More than 6500 lives were lost from the time construction work for stadiums. Karma is a boomerang. These Arabs will pay the price for all the inhumane practice.

  8. All Equality rights and Values of FIFA will be forgotten in Qatar. That’s the hypocrisy of West. At 5.25 show respect to people who are completely against your values. Spineless and Moneyminded FIFA

  9. Talk about human rights, at least their people are all well fed. How many in the US are on food stamp and live in tents? Every country has their own problem, it's their internal issues. Who are you to point fingers at others? Your western people are saints? You have one of the worst records when it comes to human rights, hence you're shouting about it everyday. It's a reflection of your dark history and culture. Effin hypocrites.

  10. Firstly, the WESTERN folks really need to be quiet and stay out of this! Im speaking directly TO the Divided States of "America''….Cant talk about 'human rights' when YOU people care more about Dogs and Guns rather than Women and Children. You proved that with the abortion rights, and NO autonomy over their OWN bodies and You proved it with the Uvalde MASSACRE with 30+ children being slaughtered. CanNOT and DO NOT enter this chat about 'Human Rights' when Dogs and GUNS have more rights than your own women. YOU people have multiple massacres a week, so keep that same energy and STAY tF out the 'Human Rights' conversation.

  11. its looks like money can help legtimize anything no matter how wrong it is evereyone with two pair of eyes can see that qatar dont care about human rights at all

  12. In Qatar, government projects are awarded to big contractors – mostly managed by foreigners. They hire workers from overseas through agencies in south East Asian countries. The agency takes fees from the companies/contractors. As a result contractors expect the workers to not work elsewhere once the workers arrive in Qatar.

    The government cannot control every single recruitment happening in the private sector – which is run by foreigners themselves including German companies.

    For decades, workers have been coming to Qatar from south east Asia willingly (nobody forces them on planes). The workers know that conditions in their countries (and in Europe) are worse than in Qatar.

  13. When it comes to human rights Qatar Showed the world how it’s done they allowed everyone to come in to their county aslong as they respect the laws and the citizens of all the county’s came together and stood up for the people who are at the top of the human rights list PALESTINIANs

  14. There are thousands of African workers in the French colonies who suffer under difficult conditions in the uranium mines, and hundreds of them die every year. Where are their rights, you hypocrites?

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