Bangox Online II what kind of role did United Nation played during 1971 war detail discussion by Cdr. Asif Raza

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United Nation

United Nation:

                          United Nations is an international organization that was founded in 1945 with its main purpose is to maintain peace and prosperity all around the world. Moreover, they also promote social and economic development. They are also working hard to promote human rights. The headquarters of the United Nation are in New York United States.

Role in the 1971 War:

                               The anchor asked Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) that as we all know the UN plays a vital role in every disputed area to end the clashes, so what was the role of the UN in the 1971 dispute which was between Pakistan and India on Kashmir? Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) answer the question in a very polite way and he explained that in 1848 when we had started the war against India and we almost reach Srinagar (an area in Kashmir), but the prime minister of India went to the United Nation to resolve the issue and stop the war. The UN stated that Pakistan and India should stop the war and we will resolve this panic issue as soon as possible, so they told us that we should ask the Kashmiris which country they want to be part of because there was no other way to give freedom for Kashmiri people. There are some other reasons in which there is a concept was used for the partition of the Subcontinent. Pakistan agreed with United Nations and from time to time there are many upgrades were made to the resolution. After that, there was a conflict in the 1960s in Indonesia between Muslims and Christians but the priority was given to the Christians and there is injustice in the Muslim community.

       Further Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) discusses that after hearing statements from India and Pakistan, the United Nations Security Council issued Resolution 307 on December 21, 1971, which called for a permanent cessation of hostilities until withdrawals could be made to respect the cease-fire line in Jammu and Kashmir. The council also demanded that the United Nations Secretary-General keep the council updated on progress and called for international support in the rehabilitation and release from the suffering of refugees as well as them and Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan.

      At the end of the session Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) explains that the main reason for failure is that Muslims have been weakened from the inside give the example of Afghanistan they don’t even have shoes to wear but with Almighty God well and the motive of Jihad in people of Afghanistan they get success to depend on their country against superpower United State. so if we want to get success in life and be valued so we have to believe in Allah well.

Bangox Online presents what kind of role did UN played during 1971 war detail discussion by Cdr. Asif Raza. In this detail discussion he explained the role and circumstances of United Nation during 1971 war. For more detailed videos on this topic make sure to follow us on:


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