Bangbox Online II Dreamworld: Dream Gone Sour “بے قدر آزادی” Part 2

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In the last part of dreamworld, Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) & Pir Nisar Qasim discussed the situation of Pakistan before its establishment, now in this part, Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) & Pir Nisar Qasim are discussing the problems created by Pakistan’s people.

In 1947, a dreamworld was not possible to turn into reality, Quaid e Azam turned this dreamworld into reality. Earlier, Muslims were in the same state and they got freedom after a long time, Muslims knew the value of freedom but did not know the definition of freedom. Muslims were a mass of problems that happened because of unfair distribution, the Kashmir issue, the migrater in huge numbers, and Pakistan has not enough sources to run the economy which are the big problems for Quaid e Azam, many people in the migraters gave the blank check to Quaid e Azam to solve the problems. After the death of Quaid e Azam, Pakistani people became like newborn babies due to the death of the leader, many people show their interest to become a leader, the advantage of which was taken by the enemy, and leadership problems created were not raised by the establishment at that time because the establishment was Muslim, On that time, the chief commander was an English man. Sikandar Mirza became President, Martial Minister. Sikandar Mirza signed his resignation along with three generals, and this is repeated in history, then the game was played, again and again, allowing democracy to unsterilized. In the 1956 constitution, Governor General was replaced by President. Many changes happened in this constitution. The thought of dreamworld was coming to an end. The country continuously experiments with victims from 1947 to 1958. During the government of General Ghulam Muhammad, the prime ministers made but returned after 3-4 months. We can say that the British ruled by a viceroy that we made the Governor-General and then he became the General-Marshal-Administrator. In Viceroy’s government, there was hope that we would get a country where we were living and here our hope was being fulfilled. India, which became independent from us, had the same Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff changed from three to four, in our country, the prime minister changed but the chief of army staff has not changed. In the first ten years, the nation gets freedom with energy, destroyed by the conspiracies of the rulers and the no one who guides the nation, and the nation did not get any guidance, by which nation achieves the goal together. Elections were not held from 1947-1971 when the country was divided into two parts East Pakistan and West Pakistan. If elections are held late, the country pays the price. When the nation wants to decide better, it is better to hold elections, or if the time is right, then the nation will be better off. If the elections are late, then the nation pays for us. That’s where the dreamworld crash into ashes.

Finally, Cdr. M Asif Raza(R) & Pir Nisar Qasim said, Quaid e Azam, used to give guidance to the nation, who would give the rules, what are the institutions, what are the people, and on what basis are the relations between humans and the government established? We need to understand the valuelessness of the freedom we gained when we stopped caring about our nation. We did not look at their problems and showed the honesty and sincerity that a nation wanted to do.

To understand this in detail watch the below video for complete discussion on the dreamworld that many people wish for. In order to make it a dreamworld we need to focus more some key points that are discused in below video.

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