Ukraine war: Russian military under fire for high death toll at Makiivka | DW News

Ukraine war: Russian military under fire for high death toll at Makiivka | DW News

The Kremlin is facing unprecedented criticism after one of the deadliest attacks on its troops since the Ukraine war began. The Ukrainian government and Russian bloggers claim the death toll is in the hundreds.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. All the good guys are gone and many female without a male in that area……
    Are any lonely guys thinking of travelling there in the future!!
    Ruzzia must be a nice country to travel to as a lonely man in the future!!

  2. Well I suppose the problem is the Russian command is so used to seeing high losses time and time again that when they saw such a large building leveled stuffed full of Russian military and now exploded munitions, they thought they needed to try to get control of the message by putting an impossibly low number of loses for this one. However, they forgot that the Russian people are not used to hearing anything, let alone a low balled number.

  3. Ukrain płaci krwią za zbrodnie dokonane otrzyma przebaczenie Łaska Pana Wielka wygra wojnę z niedźwiedziem Światowi przywódcy budzą się nie będzie żywności lekarstw nie będzie handlu z Rosją i Białorusi to będzie znak dla krajów tych nie za fałszuje historii a Narody Europy zamkną swoje granice krajom tym wymrą świat dalej karmi nowotwór niedźwiedź spłynie krwią to będzie Pokuta tak wielka pomrą głowy państwa zostaną unicestwione przez naród i wszedł brat i zabił brata swego Matka Boska robacze dusze swymi stopami pośle czeluści piekielne nastanie pokój na wieki niedźwiedź obudzi się ale będzie za późno zapłaci krwią zniknie z map świata i nigdy nie powróci przestanie istnieć jako naród a kraj ze sztandarem białoczerwonym uciemiężony Niemiecką Rosyjską pychą zbrodnią zjednoczy wszystkie narody świata zapanuje pokój po wieki

  4. When it gets hard I'm sorry lady you're wrong when it gets hard you fight you get mad at your government for doing this to these souls that are from God and they don't care about them that's sad victory to Ukraine and safety to AlLL the soldiers involved in this Maniacs war

  5. lol we kill troops they blow up a humanitarian building great job Russia.
    if Russians can not see their leader is an incompetent buffoon and their military might is not anywhere near what they thought it was then i guess they will just keep on dreaming.

  6. Men has Only dominate others men to bondage and destrution, that Is why God vegeance on them Will be great, because he send his beloved Son Jesus Christ as our Savior, but many choose to continue with their Evil action.

  7. The Russians are not becoming truthful all of the sudden.The only reason why this was reported in Russia at all is that it was too big to cover up.
    If the Russian population were informed about the true scale of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine they would be even more upset .The 60 or 80 announced killed were probably from known cell phones that were being used in the area from people on the other end of the calls.
    The Russian army will probably outlaw cell phones for soldiers in the future and make this into a plus for Russian command and having less information leak out to their public. Putin will try to take advantage of this debacle, not that he cares about people.

  8. The US government has a new president! Has the bad situation in the United States changed? Can a new Speaker change the bad situation in the United States? Unless he can repay 31 trillion debts!

  9. Now to the question of what’s on the hard drive. Well I think everybody knows there’s many hundreds of little girly pictures on there. Everybody should also know about the Burisma (sp) scandal when Joe Biden said that he withheld funds unless a prosecutor of his son's company was fired. Everybody knows this story. IMHO, Ukraine has been and is THE number one, cash cow for US bi-partisan corruption. The goose that lays the golden eggs. If you don't believe in such things OK, but Putin does and has said so many times. Once Putin saw this corruption, and the president being impeached for trying to call it out, he knew he couldn’t compete and win diplomatically. Putin knew he had no chance for peaceful negotiation to stop the NATO, corruption driven incursion onto his borders…… Thus this war. You should also know that all of this wealth going to Ukraine is under emergency (read no audit) authorization by congress. How different things could be if congress would have taken action and stopped their corruption in the Ukraine before it's influence spread like cancer to Russia's border?…. And adhered to the verbally agreed upon Minsk agreement. Play silly games, win silly prizes.

  10. Killed by the Ukrainian Meat Grinder, with a touch of NATO and US weaponry. On the bright side you are not at war Commrades,, it's just a special military operation all the way around. It's getting more special everyday. Puttin failed u. Everyone has increase their military budgets and there are new members to Nato. Ukraine has received training and as you're finding out billions of dollars in weapons. Good luck finding new weapons in Iran China has abandoned you. You are kaput. Now is the time to talk the terms of your surrender.

  11. Thank you DW, and especially to the brave field correspondents, for your continued and unflinching coverage of this war. If we aren't exposed to the brutality we can very easily choose to forget it's happening, to the detriment of us all.

  12. Уничтожить все склады и перекрестки дорог в районе Умани, Черкасская область, Украина, 20300. Логистический узел РСЗО.

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