The COVID-19 risk during China's travel rush | DW News

The COVID-19 risk during China's travel rush | DW News

How bad is China’s latest COVID-19 outbreak, as the Lunar New Year nears? Several East and Southeast Asian countries are preparing for the much-missed Chinese visitors – and hoping the risks can be balanced against the boost to business.


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  1. I've read unclean practices because this pandemic… Others say it came from there BioLab right there in Wuhan … I don't know if you guys know this but this is not the first time they spread disease across the globe. It's happened before. Nobody's learning from these lessons and things are getting worse. Now they're going to contaminate everything. Can we blame them though? Look at the US under Trump… They were giving away the virus like you won a prize. A mentality far worse than China. I wish all this would go away but it's not. What kind of a world are we building for ourselves the kids for everyone? It is not this think about war that's another subject. I wish we would be intelligent… I really do

  2. Lunar New Year's Day is the biggest holiday day not only in China but also in many Asian countries. Most people visit their family and their hometown.
    They share their greets. It is dangerous to spread Coronavirus to each other or one another while sharing their greets.

  3. And again …. the Communist Chinese spread, both through ignorance and through strategic thinking, a potentially lethal virus the world over. It started here and because of one societies lack of standards, personal care and food safety, we all suffer. A true virus carrier, the mainland Communist Chinese are a natural enemy to all modern nations. Three years of Covid, the deaths of millions and the broken economies of our nations are clear and convincing.

  4. The subtext of China's policy is that the life of their citizens, and everybody else for that matter, is cheap vs their economic outlook.

  5. Template for covid news:
    – New variant, more dangerous and contagious
    – Cases rising X percent
    – Fear porn of hospitals videos
    – Get the experimental vaccine in your body
    – Maybe the mask is back
    – Maybe the lockdown is back


  6. Seems to me that China wants to spread its nasty thing again. Weird I wonder why we're allowing people to travel??? Hummm get ready I feel like lockdowns and face diapers are coming..

  7. Good point about Covid. The whole pandemic has been handled badly: dodgy vaccines? elderly not been vaccinated, new strains & viruses not being fully investigated & lifting of lockdowns. This is not the efficiency we often associate with China. Xi should consider stepping aside.

  8. Ironic huh? Foreign support lift lock down. So gov lift lock down and let people go where they want. And where they go?… Your living area inside or outside zh.

  9. The world (TW) knows Covid originated from China.

    China did not co-operate with TW to find solution, to neutralize Covid virus.

    TW has controlled the spread of Covid. China did not disclose what happened in China, did not show that Covid has been contained.

    Now China opens the border for chinese to go abroad. TW wanted Chinese to test PCR before boarding airplane / train / bus. China claimed "it is discrimination".

    Who wants to trust China nowadays ?

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